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Over 36 million people currently live in Canada, with individuals often relocating from other countries to take advantage of Canada’s many benefits. Canada is ideal for nature lovers, has thriving metropolitan areas, and it offers many business opportunities, especially for creative entrepreneurs.

With a GDP of 1.5 trillion and one of the lowest crime rates in the world, Canada attracts business leaders and residents seeking communities of safety. In 2014, Canada was awarded a score of 9.7 out of 10 by the OECD Better Life Index. Residents feel safe here, and their feelings of security translate into business because they look forward to trying new products and being introduced to innovative concepts. This welcoming spirit makes Canadian local phone numbers especially beneficial.

Canada Is A Nation Of Diversity

Canada is a country that was born with diversity and inclusion at its core. With a demographic comprised of people of many different ethnicities, culture is valued and appreciated in the country. Many of the most respected organizations in Canada are made up of members from various nations, and the government is actively supportive of multicultural initiatives.

Canada’s appreciation of immigrants and foreign businesses undoubtedly strengthens its economy. Cited as the best country for minorities and cultural acceptance in the world by the OECD, Canada protects the immigrants and expats of the country. The nation does not accept discrimination on any level, and believes that everyone should be treated equally.

While Canada is known for its diversity, it has the advantage of being a country that is highly familiar with the English language, with over 86% of the population speaking English. With your Canadian local phone numbers, you will be able to communicate effectively to your many available business prospects with comfort and confidence.

You want locals to know that your company can be contacted easily, and you probably want to display the impression of being a Canadian company. Your Canadian local phone numbers will express that you are interested in speaking with the locals, by establishing a local presence. At the same time, it shows that you don’t want to inconvenience any callers with long distance calling codes and additional fees, which will label you with the association of being a foreign/ overseas business.

Education Matters In Canada

The importance of education is instilled early on in Canada. Young students are given the advantage of comprehensive study materials that will prepare them for the working world in Canada and give them a competitive edge throughout the world.

The Canadian government invests notable funding into educational materials. This allows students to use their time wisely, enhancing their knowledge as working professionals. As a business owner, this translates to there being an amazing amount of skilled and educated people in the workforce for hiring, as your business grows in Canada.

Today, many American business owners are partnered with Canadian workers to help their businesses assist customers and handle various tasks via telephone. Canadian local phone numbers allow small businesses to build a team that can grow their company remotely through customer service and a thorough understanding of business etiquette and operations.

Canadian Workers Have Specialized Knowledge

Experts from other countries continue to head to Canada to work as professionals while advancing in their field. With so many successful industries in Canada, leaders from around the world have created a valuable hub of knowledge by gathering here, contributing to the country’s wealth and reputation.

Residents of Canada, tourists, and expats are far more likely to contact your Canadian local phone numbers upon noticing the numbers are precisely local, rather than calling foreign numbers. Local numbers instantly build trust, as they signify a familiar and nearby presence.

An additional advantage of collaborating with Canadian workers is the ability to easily pay staff , especially if you are an entrepreneur from North America. While the currency differs slightly, pay systems such as PayPal allow for instant payments for all services provided.

In Conclusion

Using Canadian local phone numbers will align your business with a country that accepts businesses and residents from abroad. Because Canada has a very open mentality towards international business, your virtual business will be treated equally with no regards to your location. Your Canadian local phone numbers give you that local identity instantly!

Tourism is a popular industry in Canada with more than 5.5 million people traveling to the country each year (in British Columbia alone). Additionally, more than 250,000 people move to Canada each year. With natural resources, attractions, and widespread diversity, businesses in all sectors do well here.

Canadian local phone numbers will allow potential customers to contact you, no matter where you are in the world. To make the most of your Canadian local phone numbers, you should use this means of communication to enable all of your potential clients to reach your business with ease.

The people of Canada are known to enjoy small talk and appreciate a good sense of humor. Add a local number to connect Canadians to your business.

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