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Shanghai is the second most populous city in both China and the world according to 2017 estimates. It is one of four Chinese municipalities, which is a first-level administrative designation, equivalent to a province. Its population is over 24 million, and the metropolitan area has a population over 34 million. Shanghai is a global financial center, the world’s busiest container port, and a thriving industrial center. These are all great reasons for businesses around the world to have Shanghai Phone Numbers.

Global Call Forwarding offers five types of Shanghai Phone Numbers: Geographic, Toll Free, Universal Toll Free (UIFN), and National (400). When people dial these numbers, Global Call Forwarding forwards the calls to your business locations in over 150 countries at no charge to the callers. These Shanghai Phone Numbers give enterprises virtual offices in China, greatly enhancing their ability to share in the Shanghainese economy.

Listed below are details of the various Shanghai Phone Numbers:

  • Geographic – A Geographic number has prefixes that suggest an office in the Shanghai municipality. Landlines, mobile phones, pay phones, fax transmissions, and people in other countries can connect to your businesses using a Geographic number.
  • Toll FreeToll Free numbers use an easily recognized “10800” prefix. Unfortunately, only landlines and fax transmissions in China can connect using Toll Free numbers.
  • Universal Toll Free (UIFN) – The Universal Toll Free (UIFN) number is a unique number for worldwide use. UIFN stands for Universal International Freephone Number. The Telecommunication Standardization Bureau of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is the registrar for UIFN numbers. The format is 11 digits. The first three digits are the countrywide code (i.e. “800”). The following 8-digit sequence is a unique global subscriber number. Mobile phones cannot reach these numbers. In addition, there are additional setup fees for UIFN numbers.
  • National (400) – The National (400) number requires registration with local authorities, and subscribers may have to provide proof of address before registration. All callers, in and out of China, may call this type of number.

Global Financial Center

The Global Financial Center Index is a noted source for ranking financial centers. Online questionnaires from international financial organizations are the basis for the index. The ranking derives from multiple indices in the following areas:

  • Business Environment
  • Financial Sector Development
  • Infrastructure Factors
  • Human Capital
  • Reputation and General Factors.

As of March 26, 2018, Shanghai ranks fourth as a global financial center behind London, New York City, and Hong Kong. As a result, international businesses in the financial sector routinely purchase Shanghai Phone Numbers to maintain touch with Shanghainese financial enterprises.

Shanghai Industries

Shanghai has a number of industrial, technology, and development zones. Heavy industries include the Baosteel Group, a steelmaker, and two large shipbuilders, the Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group and the Jiangnan Shipyard. In addition, Shanghai-based SAIC Motor is a large auto manufacturer. Subscribe to Shanghai Phone Numbers to share in Shanghai’s industrial output.

The Port of Shanghai

Shanghai sits on the confluence of the Yangtze River, the Yellow Sea to the northeast, and the East China Sea to the southeast. It has the world’s busiest container port. The Port of Shanghai has container terminals, non-container terminals, cruise terminals, and port service enterprises.

Companies operating in the Port of Shanghai container terminals include the following:

  • The Shanghai Container Terminals Company operates in the Wusongkou Area of the port. It also provides many port services.
  • The SPIG Zhendong Container Terminal Branch operates in the Waigaoqiao area of the port. This is located 53 miles upriver on the west bank of the Yangtze.
  • The Shengdong International Container Terminal Company operates the Yangshan Deepwater Port. The company has a 3,000-meter-long quay and 34 container cranes.
  • The Pudong International Container Terminals, Ltd operates on the south bank of the Yangtze in the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone. The 123-acre terminal accommodates fifth and sixth generation container ships. There is a special-purpose area for hazardous materials handling. The company provides many port services.
  • The East Container Terminals Company also operates in the Waigaoqiao Area. The 383-acre terminal has 1,250 meters of quay, and it has received many performance awards.
  • The Mingdong Container Terminals, Ltd covers 403 acres in the Yangshan Deepwater Port. It handles both domestic and foreign containers, and it has storage facilities.
  • The Guandong International Container Company is located in the northern area of the port. Its 2,600-meter quay handles big container vessels.

Several non-container terminals handle roll-on /roll-off cargo, coal, oil, iron and steel products, oversized equipment and installations, bulk feed, grain, and rice, pulp, motor vehicles, chemical fertilizers, and metallic ores. There are also cruise terminals and numerous port services companies. Businesses involved in international shipping, trade, and tourism will benefit by having Shanghai Phone Numbers.

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