Canada is a massive country with unlimited potential for businesses. Therefore, if your business isn’t marketing in Canada, now is the time to start! It has never been easier or more lucrative to do business there. With modern population centers on its Southern border, less crowded inland areas, and a thriving economy, Canada offers opportunities for businesses of all kinds.

how to get canada phone numberWho Are the Best Canada Toll Free Number Providers?

There are a number of toll free phone number providers that offer Canadian toll free numbers. Canada toll free number providers are key to reaching out to Canadian customers. Toll free numbers give your business instant credibility in the Canadian market. Toll free numbers allow people from all parts of Canada to call you without concern that they will be charged long-distance fees. As a result, your number generates interest to a wider geographic region than a traditional number would.

How do Canada Virtual Toll Free Number Providers Work?

The most reputable Canada toll free number providers enable you to purchase numbers online, via their websites. This makes it easy and convenient to purchase the numbers you need, in a process that is highly efficient.

Working with Canada Toll Free Number Providers for Your Business

  • Toll free Canadian numbers allow your business to gain a presence in Canada easily
  • Toll free numbers in Canada allow you to emphasize your business’s professionalism in Canada
  • If you would like to purchase a Canada toll free number for your business, it is advisable to work with a reputable company
  • The best Canadian number providers offer convenient purchasing on their websites
  • Be selective in choosing a toll free number provider; some companies offer better rates and better features than others

How to Get & Setup Virtual Numbers from Canada Toll Free Phone Number Providers

If you want to purchase Canadian toll free numbers, head to the provider’s website and follow their process for purchase. It will involve entering the necessary information, such as the country you want the number for (Canada, in this case) and the number type, (toll free). You will also have to enter your destination number, which is where numbers will be forwarded to automatically. Then, continue the process by checking out. Your number will be available for use after activation. Using the company’s online control panel you can customize and setup the specifics for your toll free number.

Expanding Your Business to Canada

If you’ve considered expanding your business into Canada, now is the perfect time to do so. It has never been easier or more convenient than the present time to create a virtual presence in Canada. Canada is the second-largest country in the world and it holds a thriving economy, making it an ideal location for businesses of all varieties.

Comparing The Top Canada Toll Free Number Providers Companies

There are numerous Canada toll free number providers out there. How do you know which one is best? Here’s a quick comparison to help you choose.

Avoxi for Toll Free Numbers

Avoxi is a toll free number provider specializing in large business solutions. The services it offers includes providing toll free numbers among others. However, as a telecom service, there are numerous services which are not offered by Avoxi, which would be helpful for any business looking to market in Canada.

Most poignantly, Avoxi does not offer any free trial periods. You must commit without using the service unless you request a trial manually.

Because your inbound calls can increase or decrease depending on varying circumstances, rollover minutes are extremely useful. Avoxi, however, does not offer rollover minutes, meaning that you’ll have to use all the minutes you purchase, or they will be lost at the end of the month’s billing cycle.

How much you’ll pay for your Avoxi plan is not so easy to figure out because prices are not listed on their website. They do offer some general pricing information in their FAQ section.
Otherwise, Avoxi invites customers to contact them to discuss pricing information.

Avoxi also does not offer SMS (text) messages, which may restrict the ways that customers can contact you.

Services From Toll Free Forwarding

Toll Free Forwarding offers a basic suite of essential features, including call forwarding, call recording, IVR, and transcription of messages and faxes to email. However, like Avoxi, Toll Free Forwarding does not provide rollover minutes.

SMS services, however, are available with Toll Free Forwarding. While call forwarding is offered, call transferring is not. Call transfer is a feature that allows businesses to put callers on hold while directing the call to a different department of the company or another number where it can be handled. This is especially helpful for small to mid-sized businesses that do not have PBX services.

Toll Free Forwarding also does not allow the purchase of multiple numbers at one time — a separate order must be made for each number. While this may not seem significant, for companies looking to purchase many numbers at once, Canada toll free number providers that offer this service can be a huge benefit.

Additionally, outbound calling is not offered during ordering. Outbound calling allows you to make calls using your toll free number, so that it appears on the receiver’s caller ID. For many businesses, having your toll free number display as your caller ID ensures customers don’t see different phone numbers for outgoing and incoming calls.

The Difference With Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding offers a suite of features that most Canada toll free number providers don’t offer. Global Call Forwarding’s feature list is more extensive than the competition:
Unlike Avoxi, you’ll get a free trial period, so you can make sure you’re happy with your service. Also unlike Avoxi, our monthly plans are clearly laid out for easy comparison.
Unlike both Avoxi and Toll Free Forwarding, Global Call Forwarding allows a toll free number to be purchased with rollover minutes, making sure you’re getting the minutes you’re paying for. If you want multiple phone numbers, it’s easy; when you order, you can purchase all of them at one time.

Want to change your plan? The other service providers don’t say whether that’s possible or how to do it. At Global Call Forwarding, we know that Canada toll free number providers need to be flexible. That’s why you can change plans to add or reduce your minutes at any time. We offer SMS message forwarding, and the ability to purchase an outbound calling plan. This can help you keep costs down when making calls internationally as you maintain full professionalism in your business communications.

Unlike Toll Free Forwarding, we provide not just Canada call forwarding, but call transfer features, as well as sequential forwarding and fail-over forwarding.

If you’re looking to make your phone number a part of your marketing plan, you may want a vanity number. Avoxi requires that you contact them to discuss your vanity number purchase options. But Global Call Forwarding lets you choose and order a vanity number online, as a part of the ordering process.

In Conclusion: Get Canada Toll Free Numbers From Global Call Forwarding

Getting numbers from Canada toll free number providers can enable you to communicate with people and connections in this highly-educated, progressive country. Global Call Forwarding offers more convenience, more flexibility, and more service features for your business than any other telecom company out there. Call us today to start setting up your Canada toll free phone number.

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