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taiwan virtual numbers About Taiwan

Taiwan ranks in 22nd place as having the largest economy in the world. It is ranked highly in terms of freedom of the press, public education, health care, economic freedom, and human development. Taiwan has an export-driven economy with decreased government involvement in foreign trade and investments. Numerous companies have their bases and factories located in Taiwan. For example, Nike has 17 factories and over 6,000 workers stationed there. Taiwan is known for having one of the top education systems in the world. It has one the highest percentages of citizens holding a tertiary education degree. Taiwan has built supply chains in nearly every major industry, linking U.S. and East Asia businesses. Taiwan has become a major hub for operations and manufacturing. Can you just imagine how many potential customers and clients are waiting for your business to evolve? Tap into this booming market with a Taiwan virtual number!

Why Get a Taiwan Virtual Number?

With virtual numbers that forwards calls from Taiwan to your business, you are establishing connections with customers you never thought you had. Every phone call is forwarded easily and seamlessly. This does not only save you and your customers a lot of time and energy but also creates a virtual local presence in Taiwan for your business.

Establishing or expanding a business in Taiwan might come with a hefty investment to stay afloat among other competitors; that is why the existence of service providers like Global Call Forwarding provide virtual numbers that forward calls from Taiwan. They provide business owners a more simple and affordable way to test out new markets without the financial risk. In addition, there is no need to purchase, install, or maintain an business phone system in Taiwan.

Potential and regular customers will appreciate a local phone number in Taiwan to call because nobody wants to be inconvenienced with fees involved when making international calls. Getting a virtual number in Taiwan will offer your customers a more simple and convenient way of contacting your business at the cost of a local rate regardless of your location. It is a known fact that consumers in Taiwan have prompt access to the internet and TV, hence using a virtual number in Taiwan will help facilitate your business advertisements and marketing which will lead to brand recognition and increased sales.

Taiwan virtual numbers are customizable to meet your business needs and client demands. With its advanced call forwarding features, you can set up to have multiple phones ring simultaneously, for a virtual call center, or for multiple numbers to ring sequentially, for small businesses. This can provide your employees a free point of contact to your headquarters. You can change your features on-demand to ensure that you are delivering top-notch service to your clients at all times.

How the Service Works

Virtual numbers are programmed to forward incoming phone calls from Taiwan to other phone numbers located anywhere in the world. The given local number assigned to you by a service provider goes wherever you go, whether you relocate your office or have numerous extensions.

Global Call Forwarding provides a Taiwan virtual phone service that works through an online platform which automatically forwards all incoming calls to a virtual call center, a cell phone, a regular phone or voicemail. Getting a Taiwan virtual number will give you access to multiple advanced call forwarding service features for free! There are no contracts required to sign and you can add additional numbers at any given time. If you decide to cancel, there are no hidden fees involved.

Taiwan Virtual Numbers Come with Advanced Service Features

  • Advanced Call Forwarding from Taiwan – It is a simple and easy to use feature that automatically routes incoming calls from Taiwan to one or multiple destinations. This may include virtual call centers, office branches, extensions, mobile numbers, fixed landlines, voicemail or VOIP. An advanced call forwarding feature will make your business accessible to customers, clients or vendors at any time, any day, and anywhere.
  • Auto-attendant– This feature allows incoming calls from Taiwan to be automatically answered by a programmed voice message to professionally welcome callers or dispatch calls to the appropriate personnel, department, extension, or voicemail at any time. Global Call Forwarding provides virtual numbers in Taiwan with a sophisticated auto attendant communication system that can handle all calls made to your local number.
  • Taiwan IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – With and advanced IVR system, high call volumes from Taiwan are efficiently categorized and managed to improve customer service and further help to minimize cost. The IVR can be programmed to provide essential information to the caller and customized to suit your business needs. The IVR also offers a computer greeting system which automatically receives incoming calls and routes them to the relevant departments or extensions. Feel free to customize your welcome message, ring-to number (call destinations), email destination and much more with this feature.

Global Call Forwarding provides virtual numbers in Taiwan with additional advanced “Features” which includes; black and white list creation, forward faxing, call recording, voice mail, rollover minutes, and local ring-back tone, and more. As a subscriber, you are allowed to enjoy many of these free features for the ultimate communication experience.

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