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Also known as call diverting, call forwarding services have been available to businesses for some time now. In this digital age, enterprises can use toll free numbers globally and route them to any line they want, even in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Though it’s a simple concept, call diverting has big implications for your organization. Dubai Virtual Phone Systems expand your reach into an amazing city without going over budget or interrupting your current business model.

A toll free number is beneficial because it supports forwarding to cell phones, tablets, office lines, or landlines anywhere in the world. Easily send calls to the United Arab Emirates even if you are based in a different country. While your vendors and customers can stem from a variety of locations, all of your calls can come into a centralized location.

Because the entire system is virtual, setting up your Dubai Virtual Phone System is simple. First decide how you want to route your calls. For instance, you can have all communications forwarded to a call center in the United Arab Emirates. Or if you are based in Dubai, the toll free number or local phone number you purchase can be redirected elsewhere. You decide how the system works for your benefit. Set up the forwarding rules you want to implement using an online control panel or dashboard in your business account.

Enterprise Toll Free Forwarding

It’s safe to say that customers love toll free numbers. This is because they do not have to pay any fines for contacting you internationally. Not only that, toll free phone numbers have a way of telling buyers that your company has the resources of a much larger organization. This encourages shoppers to choose you over the main competition.

Dubai Virtual Phone Systems also have other advanced calling features. Along with better brand recognition, you receive more scalability and flexibility, especially since you can change the forwarding rules any time you’d like. Frequent travellers, sales teams, and relocating employees can stay connected when they need to or redirect the call to the next available line when they’re just out of reach. More than that, Dubai Virtual Phone Systems allows for automatic rules as well so you can feel free to route calls in or out depending on the time of day or day of the week. Once this is set up, you won’t have to worry about changing it again.

When your company grows, so do your communications needs. This is why scalability is a must. Being able to adjust forwarding settings and rules can help save time, revenue, and energy among your staff.

Dubai Virtual Phone Systems

In the heart of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a popular tourist destination in the Middle East. This city is considered a global hub of economic activity in finance and Information Technology. Right after Abu Dhabi, Dubai is also one of the wealthiest areas. While their revenue mainly comes from oil, other factors include trade and manufacturing in addition to tourism.

Dubai Virtual Phone Systems offers distinct advantages whether you are an international mogul or not. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and customers enjoy the improved efficiency since callers are immediately directed to their intended destination. This leaves plenty of room for customer service to improve, making your company more successful overall.

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates can expect continued growth through 2018 and beyond. As their economy diversifies and world trade increases, many organizations are jumping at the chance to take advantage of their vast resources.

Customers love convenience more than anything else when working with a business, whether it’s the first time or the hundredth. Effortlessly use toll free numbers to provide a better service in the city of Dubai and beyond.

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Use the many features of Dubai Virtual Phone Systems to impress even the toughest customer. For example, Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, gives callers a chance to connect with you through different inquiries they may have. IVR allows them to choose a specific option, department, or employee who can help them with their issue. Increase response time and quality of service at the same time!

Since your business has the ability to route calls around the clock, this means you can give 24/7 customer support to all of your clients, too. Simply redirect the number to a different call center so employees don’t have to stretched thin. Or if you have a much smaller startup business, you can route the calls to your personal cell phone when the call center is closed. With Dubai Virtual Phone Systems, your personal number is always hidden from view, ensuring your privacy.

When you are ready to get started, Global Call Forwarding is here to offer our services. Our responsive team can offer you toll free numbers, virtual numbers, and local phone numbers to improve your business and bring you more revenue.

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