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It is every business owner’s dream to expand operations, first in his home country and then globally. Every businessperson wants to have a presence in other parts of the world. For any business, it is a powerful relief and highly profitable to not have to pay taxes. Qatar has a no personal income tax, no value-added or sales tax, and no capital or wealth tax. And, this makes it one of the best countries to start a new venture.

Starting or expanding a business internationally is an arduous task. It requires frequent trips to oversee the administration and operations of your overseas setup. Unless you are willing to relocate to Qatar, you are bound to face many challenges in the administration of your company. However, in today’s world, nothing is impossible thanks to technology.

Today calls can be answered and made from all over the world via virtual phone systems. Virtual phone systems can not only transfer calls to different numbers but can also store messages in the cloud. This makes running a business virtually, easy and simplified. All you need to do is subscribe to a Qatar virtual phone system, and you can run a successful business in Qatar, without having to touch its soil.

Qatar as a Country

Qatar is situated on a peninsula and shares its sole land border with Saudi Arabia, while the rest of its land is surrounded by the beautiful Persian Gulf. It shares maritime borders with its neighbors Iran and UAE (which is a fantastic group of entities).

The country is known for its futuristic skyscrapers and ultramodern architecture inspired by ancient Islamic design. With a population of over 2.6 million people, Qatar is a developed country with a high-income economy and is home to the world’s 3rd largest oil reserves.

It has the highest per capita income in the entire world.

The culture of Qatar is based on traditional Bedouin culture, and if you are planning to do business in Qatar, there is certain etiquette to follow such as dressing conservatively, no shaking hands with women unless they extend her hand first and so on.

How does a Qatar International Virtual Phone System Work

When your business subscribes to this service, you will be given a Qatar international virtual number. You will need to program the system via your online account by keying in your own business number on which you would like to receive incoming calls. For example, if you are a business entity based in the US, you can configure the Qatar international virtual phone system, by providing your US business number. You can program the system to route calls to more than one number.

When your customers in Qatar place a call to the local Qatar number, his free call will be automatically forwarded to your US number. Qatar international virtual phone numbers can be connected to any landline, mobile, or VoIP device anywhere in the world. Decades from now, this system will be deployed in space perhaps, but this is another subject.

Benefits of Qatar Virtual Phone System

It goes without saying that the success of any company- big or small, lies in the hands of its customers. Happy customers will bring in more business. It is, therefore, important that your customers can reach you round-the-clock. Setting up a Qatar virtual phone system will not only be beneficial in communicating with your clients and customers, but also in marketing your company. This system provides many other features and benefits, some of them are mentioned below.

  • Establish your presence in multiple countries without having to spend a fortune in setting up an office space
  • Easy to record phone calls that will improve sales, coach employees, and also assess the quality of your phone leads.
  • You will have control over the incoming calls and set up where they need to be routed.
  • With the help of this system, you can appear local to any country without actually having an office there
  • Since it is a cloud-based system, customers will have no idea about which part of the world the call is being made, which protects your privacy.
  • Calls are always attended even if you are not able to answer. The calls will be forwarded to an auto-attendant service.

Technology has come a long way, and today it is possible to send and receive messages and calls from anywhere to anywhere, thanks to virtual phone systems. The virtual phone system is a blessing in disguise to all the small and big companies that are looking forward to setting up their business internationally while working from their home country. A Qatar virtual phone system can be a boon to your business.

Contact us today, to learn more about the many international call forwarding options that you can subscribe for. Our representatives will clear any doubts or questions you may have on how this system works and explain in greater detail about the potential impact it can have on your enterprise.

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