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469 Area Code – Dallas

The 469 area code covers the city of Dallas, Texas as well as several other outlying cities. Texas has grown quickly since the humble beginnings of the telecommunication industry, therefore many area codes have grown exhausted during the rise in population. 469 Area Code – Dallas covers the northern territory of Texas along with area codes 214 and 972. 214 was the original area code for all of Northeastern Texas, but that area code was quickly exhausted and supplemented by several other codes throughout Texas.

Skyline of Dallas Texas USA
A View of the Skyline of Dallas, Texas, USA – Source: O#20999 – ID#100083714860

Virtual Phone Numbers

One of the first steps that people embark upon when taking their business to the next level is purchasing a virtual phone number. Virtual phone numbers give businesses the chance to have a presence in multiple cities all over the world. The 469 Area Code – Dallas is available as a virtual number from Global Call Forwarding. Reaching this large and affluent population of people in Texas will surely grow your business.


The median income for the people of the 469 area code – Dallas is over $60,000. This median is over $7,000 higher than the median income for the entire state of Texas and $6,000 more than median for the United States of America. The population is not extremely diverse with the majority of people being either white or of Hispanic descent.

Dallas skyline reflecting pool City Hall at night
The Dallas skyline and the reflecting pool at City Hall at night, in Dallas, Texas. – Source: O#20999 – ID#100065005953


The economy of 469 area code – Dallas began by relying on farming. Later several railways were built and the economy of Dallas, Texas grew. Now Dallas relies heavily on telecommunications, real estate (because of its booming population growth), and Fortune 500 companies. Dallas is also the home to a large retail industry. The people of Dallas love to shop and spend their hard-earned money.

Business in 469 Area Code – Dallas

Expanding your business to the upscale people of Dallas, Texas is a great idea for many businesses. Only you understand the demographics and income of your consumer, and if you think that your company will succeed in Dallas, you should jump at the opportunity of tapping into this market! 80% of the thriving businesses in the 469 area code – Dallas are small businesses.

There is a great entrepreneurial spirit among the people of Dallas, therefore new businesses are welcomed with open arms. If you are not quite ready to build a brick and mortar storefront in the city of Dallas, then you might want to consider purchasing a virtual phone number. Choosing to use the 469 area code – Dallas for your phone number will open your business up to a wide range of new customers with disposable income.

The people of Dallas not only love to shop, but they have great taste in culture, arts, and Tex-Mex cuisine. 469 area code – Dallas is home to a historic Arts District that includes The Dallas Museum of Art, The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center.

The 469 area code – Dallas is also home to several professional sports teams. The Dallas Cowboys have been called “America’s football team” and they are famous for their 5 Superbowl wins and the famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Becoming a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader is one of the most prominent football teams to dance for in America. The process for tryouts was even made into a long-running reality television series that is currently in its 13th season. The Dallas Stars is the city’s professional hockey team and the Dallas Mavericks is the city’s NBA basketball team.

469 area code – Dallas has a significantly lower crime rate compared to other major cities across the USA. The budget of Dallas sees a steady increase year after year, proving that Dallas’ economy only gets better as it grows and changes.

Virtual Phone Numbers for 469 Area Code – Dallas

If you have decided that you want to expand your business to the Dallas, Texas area then you can start a free trial right away from Global Call Forwarding. You can choose from multiple plans, such as Basic, Value, Power, Premium, and Enterprise. Each plan comes with a specific set of minutes that can be rolled over to the next month for an added cost if they go unused. C

all recording and SMS forwarding are also features that are available for a minimal monthly cost. With the many options, you will be able to find the right plan that fits your business’ needs. If you’re the owner of a startup or small business, you may want to choose the Basic Plan. That way you can keep your cell phone and number, but also add a virtual phone number to speak to your business contacts or clients in Texas without paying very high international calling rates. The Enterprise Plan is great for larger companies with very busy customer service centers. Many features are included with all plans from Global Call Forwarding, including Time of Day Routing, Failover Forwarding, Voicemail to Email, and you can even add a local ringback tone to make your business look even more established and professional.

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