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In the United States, cities on the north and west coast (such as New York City and San Francisco) are often praised for their start-up cultures. Still, southern cities should not be overlooked. Atlanta is among those cities, leading the way as a southern region primed for forward-thinking businesses.

Having a 678 area code – Atlanta number allows you to easily connect with residents and travelers who enjoy building relationships with small business owners and those who are inspired by innovation. Home to the famous Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta’s reach is diverse and continues to grow through tourism, business travel, and local start-ups.

Atlanta is abundant in resources and home to a well-educated consumer base. With a population of more than 440,000 and over 120,000 new businesses in operation, a 678 area code – Atlanta virtual number can serve as an essential tool to reach key players in your industry that work within the city.

Atlanta Embraces Creative Workers

More than one million millennials live in the city of Atlanta and many of them are graduates of some of the best universities in the United States, including Georgia State University and Georgia Tech. With access to comprehensive education and a business culture that embraces the latest digital trends, this group within Atlanta’s workforce is technologically-proficient and welcoming to new ideas.

The millennial workforce in Atlanta is filled with creatives and self-starters, and city leaders have expressed their interest in growing the number of millennials living in the region. Millennials look forward to learning new skills and appreciate jobs that provide freedom through flexible schedules and remote work. Therefore, using your 678 area code – Atlanta number to interview and hire virtual workers will connect you to a wide range of talent while allowing you to maximize the benefits of having a number local to this area.

Businesses Use the 678 area code – Atlanta

Business leaders and consumers in Atlanta operate strategically, and they recognize the power of the Internet to drive sales and compete within local and global markets. Collaborating with a marketing team based in Atlanta will help your company increase profits by building a strong presence online. As potential customers browse your website, having a 678 area code – Atlanta will appeal to locals and impress site visitors by showing that your company is operating in a competitive and thriving region.

Atlanta residents speak with diverse individuals daily, which naturally builds their skills as effective communicators. When customers call your business, your employees in Atlanta will provide them with exceptional service to meet their needs and enhance their customer experience. To further satisfy customers, take advantage of the options provided by virtual phone numbers by setting up voice menus and extension lines that forward callers directly to employees with specialized knowledge.

Saving Money and Connecting with Locals

Having a phone number with a 678 area code – Atlanta will save you time and money as you expand your business because you’ll avoid the costs of travel, property expenses, and providing onsite equipment for your team. Avoiding these expenses will help budding entrepreneurs get their business ideas off the ground. For more established business owners, their 678 area code in Atlanta will lower their operational expenses, increasing profits and lowering the potential losses that can occur when companies transition to a new city or state.

As you test the local market with a phone number using a 678 area code in Atlanta, you’ll quickly notice the kindness of callers. Atlanta residents are friendly and inquisitive. Customers will want to know more about your company and what makes your story unique, and fellow business owners will be equally supportive. Instead of focusing solely on competition, fellow entrepreneurs are more likely to be interested in partnerships and will often lead you to more valuable resources.

Networking Is Essential in Atlanta

Most entrepreneurs have favorable results when pairing their 678 area code – Atlanta phone numbers with their marketing campaigns and networking efforts. This is because potential investors and customers are more likely to trust a business that has a local presence.

If your contact number has a 678 area code – Atlanta number, you’re showing that your brand values Atlanta’s business culture and residents so much so that you have gone the extra mile to establish a presence.

Investment opportunities will also be easier to secure because your Atlanta phone numbers will conveniently allow you to stay in touch and discuss business details.

There’s no shortage of organizations and events dedicated to networking in Atlanta. As a virtual Atlanta business, an abundance of networking opportunities will still be at your disposal via the internet. Networking online by contacting business professionals with emails or through social media platforms can generate leads before you arrive in the city.

In Conclusion

Having a phone that uses a 678 area code – Atlanta drives sales and connects business owners to invaluable resources in a city that continues to show economic growth. As a region that hosts major corporations and small businesses, Atlanta residents care more about genuine connections than simply buying products and services. Your phone number for 678 area code – Atlanta will make it more convenient to begin conversations with locals and will make your company stand out as a valuable and trustworthy resource.

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