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A unified communications solution to add voice communication via the cloud.

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What is Voice as a Service?

Voice as a service (VaaS) means using a voice service provider to manage all inbound and outbound business voice calls. This modern cloud-based communication solution enables users to connect with callers and customers more flexibly. In most cases, you can use your voice service from any location and device and connect in-office, remote, and global teams through one centralized communication platform.

Why Use Voice as a Service For Business?

VaaS allows you to build a more flexible business phone system, no matter where your offices and teams are located. And this mobility means that you can scale and expand your organization comfortably when the time is right.

How it Works

With voice as a service, you don’t need to purchase or manage expensive on-premise hardware. Instead, you gain access to all cloud calling capabilities and functionalities through a cloud provider.

The cloud provider will deliver voice over IP (VoIP) services that enable you to make and receive calls through the internet. This means that you will need to connect devices within your communications infrastructure to the internet or WiFi.

Once you sign up with a VaaS provider, they will give you login credentials and access to their feature set. Then, you simply connect this service to your existing communication system (through IP phones, softphones, computers, etc.), and you’re good to go!

Voice as a Service Features

Voice as a service comes packed with many business calling features and functionalities:

check Call Management
Manage all phone numbers, phone lines, call flows, and ring groups from one online platform.
check Advanced Call Routing
Set up various routing strategies and send incoming calls to your teams – no matter their location.
check Voicemail and Fax
Automatically send voicemails and faxes to multiple email addresses and inboxes for easy record-keeping.
check Call Recording
Record incoming and outgoing calls to review at a later date for quality assurance and documentation.
check SIP Trunking
Make outbound calls from any device using custom caller IDs when connecting with new prospects.
check Softphones and Web Dialer
Use desktop and browser apps to place calls from any device, adding more flexibility to your phone system.
check Attended Call Transfer
Transfer calls to other employees or departments within your vast network.
check Call Detail Records
Access and monitor call records to better understand your incoming and outgoing call traffic.

Benefits of Using VaaS for Business Communication

So, how can voice as a service improve small business communication? And what should you expect from such a cloud-based service?

call tracking
  1. High-quality voice — Experience reliable and crystal-clear voice connections monitored 24/7 by your provider.

  2. Centralized platform — Integrate and manage all essential communication tools and services within one central online platform.

  3. Redundancy and failover support — Benefit from service reliability and geo-redundancy since your phone system resides in a secure data center managed by your provider.

  4. Easy setup — No complicated hardware or equipment needed; simply use the devices you have on hand.

  5. Cost-effective solution — Save costs on buying new hardware and software as taking your phone service to the cloud means simply upgrading existing equipment.

  6. Customizable features — Add, remove, and adjust phone lines, ring groups, call flows, and more to meet your business communication needs.

  7. Easy accounts and service management — Avoid the hassle of managing multiple service providers by choosing a provider with a large network of international and regional operators.

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