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Global Call Forwarding Blog

What is First Call Resolution?

First Call Resolution

First call resolution (FCR) directly impacts customer satisfaction and retention. It is, therefore, recommended that your business or call center measure and track this KPI regularly. Here is a guide …Read More »

What is a Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN)?

UIFN - Universal International Freephone Number

Do you have customers in different parts of the world and are struggling to maintain unified communications? In this guide, we share everything there is to know about UIFN, or …Read More »

How to Set up a Virtual Phone System?

Set up a Virtual Phone System

Need to upgrade your business phone system? Thanks to advancements in telecommunications, a virtual phone system can help you organize and manage calls while expanding your reach. Follow these steps …Read More »

5 Ways on How to Do a Winning Product Demo

how to do product demo

A product demo goes a long way when trying to sell your business’ product or services. For some businesses, it can make or break the sale. And so, as a …Read More »

44 Industries That Need Great Customer Support (2020)

44 industries that need great customer support

Customer support is essential for almost every business. This is because how you treat and serve your customers directly impacts customer satisfaction. And quality support helps you retain more valuable …Read More »

9 Best Customer Service Examples for 2020

best customer service examples

Customer care and support are essential as they can determine how well a company performs. If you are looking to upgrade your service, check these best customer service examples and …Read More »