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British Virgin Islands

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The British Virgin Islands is composed of over 60 islands that are considered to be some of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Throughout the years, business owners have come to realize the great potential in setting up international businesses in the British Islands due to their taxation system. In addition, another excellent benefit is that US currency is the official currency of the British Virgin Islands.

Where are the British Virgin Islands?

The British Virgin Islands, also known by their abbreviated form BVI, are located in the Caribbean Sea. The most well-known of these islands are:

  1. Virgin Gorda
  2. Tortola
  3. Anegada
  4. Jost Van Dyke

Aside from the main islands, there are smaller islands located nearby. Some of the islands are inhabited and the population is not as large as compared to other islands.

The Experience

You can have different wants and needs and still appreciate the British Virgin Islands wholeheartedly. It doesn’t matter if you’re after fun and adventure, or if you are looking for relaxation; there are options that cater to every need when you visit.


The economy of the British Virgin Islands is known to be the most stable in the Caribbean. The population here is small, so there isn’t excessive competition among the locals who offer a wide array of services that cater to different areas of the tourism industry.

The British Virgin Islands have gone through some difficult times in the past as well, and the nation’s public debt has increased steadily in recent times. Tourism is one of the main boosters of the economy, comprising 45% of the British Virgin Island’s national income. As a testament to this, almost a million people visit the islands each year, and more than half of these tourists come from travel via cruise ships.

A Unique Caribbean Destination

The British Virgin Islands offer a different view of the Caribbean than other islands such as Jamaica, the US Virgin Islands, and the Dominican Republic, with its own distinct culture and landscapes. One of the most treasured destinations is the Baths on Virgin Gorda, which present remarkable boulders and rock formations upon the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Visitors enjoy climbing and hiking among them, while exploring the caves they create on the shoreline.

The coral reefs along Anegada are some of the most prized for snorkeling and diving, and many visitors take advantage of this opportunity when visiting.

Sailing is also revered throughout the British Virgin Islands, and these islands are considered to offer some of the best sailing anywhere in the world. Many charter sailing businesses exist here, offering tourists the ability to explore many of the uninhabited, hard-to-get-to islands in the most accessible, and exclusive way. Since 1972, the BVI has held its annual Spring Regatta here, which is a seven-day event, hosting numerous sailing competitions across the islands.

For visitors aiming for less active, and more relaxing endeavors while visiting the British Virgin Islands, the bar scene at Jost Van Dyke offers up plenty of opportunities to unwind and socialize while soaking in the Caribbean atmosphere (and rum).

Choosing the British Virgin Islands for Business

The British Virgin Islands are considered to be quite modern, and they have a digitized telecommunications system that will make communicating less complicated than in the past. There are millions of people who own mobile phones there and most of the population is computer literate and using phones to search the web. This means that if you made your business available to their needs, there is a good chance you will be contacted by potential clients there.

Financial services make up more than half of the nation’s income, much of which is created through the licensing of offshore companies, along with related services. If your business deals with international finance, there is a high possibility this Caribbean location may serve your needs well in expansion.

Why You Need International Phone Numbers

Having an international phone number will make you easier to reach by people in the British Virgin Islands. International virtual numbers eliminate the need to spend a lot of money on hardware and equipment for these services, and with the benefit of call forwarding, you can be located anywhere in the world, while remaining accessible to your clients in the British Virgin Islands.

Investing in international call forwarding services for your business can be very beneficial, as it allows you to have the most advanced communication methods very affordably. There are different providers that offer this type of service.

Reach Your Target Market

The best thing about getting international phone numbers is that you can make your business available to your target customers from the British Virgin Islands from the comforts of your own home or just about anywhere. A call forwarding system will reroute all calls to your home office number or even to your mobile phone. If in case you have hired an employee to take the calls, the calls can be rerouted to your employee’s phone.


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