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Disaster Recovery Solution for Communications

As a business, it is vital to manage voice continuity to keep in contact with your customers, prospects, and vendors. Customer trust and loyalty are affected when your sales and support teams are unreachable. So, you need disaster recovery solutions to keep your business phone system up and running when a crisis hits. That’s where PBX disaster recovery and failover solutions come in handy. They deliver calls to different destinations through alternate routes, as predetermined by you and your PBX provider.

Cloud PBX Solutions for All Business Types

Global Call Forwarding offers various cost-effective and cloud-based business phone solutions. Businesses of every size and type can use high-quality and reliable voice solutions to improve communication and caller experience.

PBX Disaster Recovery Features

PBX disaster recovery comes with access to advanced call management and failover features such as:

  • High Network Reliability — With multiple layers of redundancy across various PoPs.
  • SIP Failover Forwarding — Providing backup SIP operations in case of primary system failure.
  • Automatic Call Routing — To set up advanced backup routing strategies and destinations.
  • 99.999% Uptime — Due to a global high availability infrastructure.
  • Backup PBX system — To deliver calls via alternate routes if you lose connectivity to the main setup.
How to Prepare for Disaster Recovery?
Identify risks to your business continuity Conduct risk analysis to determine what you need to protect against. These may include:
  • Network or power outage,
  • Loss of internet,
  • Software failure,
  • Natural disasters,
  • Cyberattacks.
Prepare a call center disaster plan Plan what actions to take in case of a crisis; consider the following:
  • Outline specific strategies and tactics
  • Determine who takes care of what
  • List emergency contacts
  • Set backups in place
Check out our disaster plan template.
Set up backup phone solutions Have failover strategies in place to maintain voice continuity. These may include:
  • Emergency power supply
  • Backup internet provider
  • VoIP failover and automatic call routing
  • Backup offshore call center or agents

How to Get PBX Disaster Recovery?

You can set up PBX disaster recovery using a cloud PBX phone system. As a cloud-based solution backed by geo-redundancy, you can enjoy reliability and continuity, even in the face of crisis. Global Call Forwarding can provide a reliable PBX system that accommodates your local, in-office, and global teams. And we can help you set up failover and backup solutions so your phone system suffers little-to-no downtime.

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