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singapore business phone numbers
Building a business in a faraway country requires extensive planning for proper execution. With the global market changing every single year, flexibility becomes a necessity. At Global Call Forwarding, we help businesses stay ahead of the curve by providing advanced international call forwarding services and Singapore business phone numbers.

For example, businesses interested in moving to Singapore require instant communication with their customers. Our Singapore phone numbers are designed to facilitate communication between business owners and customers.

Before we delve into the ins and outs of how Singapore business phone numbers can benefit individual businesses, let’s take a more in-depth look at the culture, economy, market, and growth of Singapore.

Singapore’s Budding Economy

Singapore was originally founded by the British as a trading colony back in 1819. It went on to join the Malaysian Federation in 1963, but later become an independent country. Thanks to its strong trading links, and position as one of the world’s busiest ports, Singapore has become one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Today, Singapore has a per capita GDP that equals that of the strongest economic countries in Western Europe.

One of Singapore’s strongest features is its free-market economy. Thanks to a largely open and corruption free market, Singapore has stable prices and extremely low unemployment rates. The government primarily depends upon exports, with electronics and information technology making up most of its exports. Other highly exported items include pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The financial services and business sectors are equally as strong.

Despite its economic strength, Singapore’s economy shrank slightly in 2009, by some 0.6%, when the global financial crisis occurred. However, the country went on to grow significantly in 2010. Softer demand for exports in a sloth-like global economy did result in a slight diminishment of growth for Singapore during 2014-15.

In an effort to grow stronger, Singapore’s government is restructuring its economy by slowly severing dependence on foreign labor while simultaneously increasing wages. Singapore as a country has attracted major investments from pharmaceuticals and medical technology production industries. It also has set its sights on increasing its position as Southeast Asia’s primary financial and technology hub.

Singapore is a member of the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade negotiations and formed with other ASEAN members of the ASEAN Economic Community.

Growth in the manufacturing, tech, and medical production industries opens up new opportunities for companies headquartered elsewhere. To tap into this unique economic environment, the first step is to build a presence in Singapore. Singapore business phone numbers can help establish a virtual presence in Singapore and provide the advantage needed.

What Singapore Business Phone Numbers Include

At Global Call Forwarding, we aid businesses in establishing their brand or company in foreign countries like Singapore. Businesses located in Canada, for example, can purchase Singapore business phone numbers and connect with contacts and customers in Singapore with ease. Businesses can choose from toll free numbers, local numbers, and vanity phone numbers to set up their company in Singapore. Each service offers its own benefits, but the primary goal is to ensure customers can call businesses directly without expensive international calling fees or complicated dialing codes.

Virtual business phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding also come with 24/7 support, a convenient online control panel, and a host of advanced call forwarding features. Companies who get a Singapore phone number receive more than a set of numbers—they can connect with their customers in Singapore and provide the level of customer service they hope to attain.

How International Companies Benefit from Business Phone Numbers

Companies interested in doing business in Singapore greatly benefit from Singapore business phone numbers. Regardless of the industry, business phone numbers create credibility and professionalism in the eyes of Singaporeans. Toll-free virtual phone numbers routed to a landline or mobile device establish reliability and trustworthiness that a simple phone number alone could never hope to achieve.

Companies on the other side of the globe would find it difficult to advertise their services without a toll-free Singapore phone number. Even online businesses need to provide a direct point of contact in case of a customer question or concern. Business phone numbers provide that connection and strengthen the customer-business relationship.

Expanding into a foreign marketplace requires a deep understanding of the economic structure, expectations of customers and contacts in the new country, and a clear line of communication. When doing business in Singapore, Singapore business phone numbers are not an option—they are a necessity. From customer service to dealing with local permits and political red tape, business phone numbers provide convenient communication without the hassle of opening up a brick and mortar store.

When companies choose Singapore business phone numbers they’re choosing customer service and professionalism while saving their marketing budget thousands. Increase sales and customer service, and create a direct channel of communication in Singapore with Singapore business phone numbers.

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