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If you are living in America or plan on moving to there, an American call forwarding number just might be what you need. Getting a call forwarding number can be a perfect solution for you, especially if you plan on expanding your business in the US.

Global Call Forwarding offers American call forwarding numbers that can be sent anywhere in the world; to a landline, IP address or mobile device.

The Great USA

The United States of America is comprised of 50 states. It is a federal republic, with a federal district (Washington DC), five distinct self-governing territories, along with a variety of different possessions, and has more than 325 million individuals residing within its borders. The United States currently stands as the world’s third or fourth largest nation in the world, determined by land area.

As a result of the many economic opportunities within America, if you are interested in bringing your business or services to this great country, don’t wait to get your American call forwarding number.

The American Economy

The United States has a well-developed, blended economy, backed by high productivity, excellent infrastructure, and plentiful natural resources. It stands as the world’s most dominant economy, and places second by purchasing power parity (PPP). As of 2016, the US is the seventh-highest nominal economy per capita GDP.

Why You Need an American Call Forwarding Number

For businesses of all sizes, American call forwarding numbers give you excellent options for availing your business to your clientele located in the States. In the past, forwarding numbers were a tool utilized by only the largest organizations, however now they can be used to expand your business with total convenience.

American call forwarding numbers are all about universal outreach. They are easy to acquire, and very easy to operate. By contributing to virtual forwarding numbers, as businesspersons, you will be able to remove the idea of actual call centers.

This can be of great importance if you are doing business across the world. It is especially useful in the event it is not financially possible for a business to have a physical location in a specific place or country.

Advantages of your American Call Forwarding Number

There are so many different advantages to having call forwarding for your company. The main advantage of your American call forwarding number is that it can help your business save a lot of money on global telecommunication expenses. It can dramatically improve your customer service, while also helping your enterprise expand its international clientele base.

Call forwarding routes calls via VoIP and conventional telecom lines, making them receivable on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Another benefit is VoIP routing, which is ideal for teleconferencing. So many businesses around the world find this service immensely beneficial, as it makes communication that much simpler and easier, regardless of each party’s location.

An American call forwarding number can help grow your business’s presence without being present physically in a specific county. Did you know that such numbers can be purchased for over 120 different nations, and they eliminate the lengthy dialing process typically known in calling long-distance.

How does your American Call Forwarding Number Work?

You will find that your American call forwarding number works very efficiently. It allows you to have a virtual presence in America, instantly. Upon signing up with Global Call Forwarding for a forwarding number, in mere minutes you will have an American number that distinguishes your business as a physically “American” one.

To further understand how the process all comes together, let’s take VoIP for instance: if you have a number that is virtual and toll-free, and it is linked to a UIFN call-routing network, it is also connected to a wholly integrated call forwarding system. This allows people in America to dial the number, as it is arranged precisely like an American number, and have it answered by you or someone in your business, regardless of your location. The number can be dialed from anyplace the world, and to the caller, it will always appear as an “American” number. This saves a great amount of money that could have been spent otherwise, eliminating confusion or any notion that yours is not an American business.

This concept first appeared in the late nineties, and it has grown exponentially over the years. Currently, call forwarding is one of the top means of worldwide business communication systems today. It needs barely any equipment other than phones, which can be mobile, and it incurs minimal start-up charges, making it the preferred option for many organizations looking to diversify their communications and customer service options.

With that said, whether you are an American business owner or an individual moving their business to America, American call forwarding numbers are the ideal way to begin the expansion in the most cost effective manner. Setting up your American call forwarding number will get you going in the right direction.

F A Q | American Call Forwarding

American call forwarding refers to forwarding incoming calls from American customers or business contacts to a number of your choice.

The main benefit of an American call forwarding service or number is that your business can reduce international calling costs. Plus you can now offer sales and customer support to American residents without being physically present in the States

Global Call Forwarding offers an international call forwarding service including American call forwarding. You can sign up on our website or contact our global communication specialists to learn more.

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