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Have you ever thought of doing business in the Sunshine State? Yes, Florida might be best known for its beaches and luxury tourism, but it’s also a major business hub because it has no state income tax. This is why Florida is one of the fastest growing economies in the whole country, and where Global Call Forwarding is based. The $927 billion economy makes it an ideal market for any type of business.

Even if you are based outside Florida, it is possible to expand your business in the region in an affordable and efficient way.

Modern technology has made communication a lot simpler and cost-efficient, and this has come as a blessing to small businesses that function on a limited budget. No matter where in the world you are located, it is possible to have a customer base in Florida and communicate with them effectively with the help of Florida call forwarding. Yes, digital call forwarding is a technological marvel that bridges that geographical gap between a business and its customers.

What is Florida call forwarding?

There are two types of virtual numbers that can be used for business communication purposes: toll-free numbers and local numbers. Toll-free numbers are free for the caller (but the recipient is charged) whereas local numbers are free for the recipient (but callers are charged local rates). Digital call forwarding allows these numbers to be connected to your office phone lines anywhere in the world.

So when a customer from Florida calls these virtual numbers, Florida call forwarding connects the calls to your office or call center. It is that simple. In fact, the service is so popular that several small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers are hooked to it. It is affordable, convenient, and efficient means of communication.

Purpose of using Florida call forwarding

Communication facilitates interaction and understanding, leading to a relationship of trust and familiarity. Every business strives to achieve this in order to gain trust and faith of the customers. There can be several purposes of using Florida call forwarding, and one of them is customer service.

Customers can make or break a business. If they are not given a proper channel to communicate their thoughts and opinions about a product or service, a business risks negative reviews that can quickly spread online. Interaction is always a good way to get feedback and improve existing products and services.

While keeping touch with local customers is easy, it can become a little inconvenient and also expensive to do the same with international customers. This is when Florida call forwarding is effective.

Besides, having a local number gives the impression that the business is committed to the local market. Prospects are less hesitant to call you because you don’t seem foreign to them. Even if you are yet to open a physical address in Florida, getting Florida call forwarding is a good way to test the waters first. Getting to feel the pulse of the place and building trust with the local customers is the first step in expanding a business in a new region. Florida call forwarding is very efficient in helping you achieve that.

What does it take?

Would you be surprised if we told you virtual numbers require no additional hardware to get started? Yes, that’s true. With Florida call forwarding, you can bid adieu to expensive PRI lines that add to your company’s overhead costs. There is no need for multiple hard lines or expensive phone systems. Virtual numbers are based completely online, and only require a simple set-up process to get started. It is so easy that you can get started within a few minutes.

Depending upon the type of number you choose- toll-free or local number- different providers offer different packages. Some even offer convenient pay-as-you-go rates that are more beneficial if you have minimal requirements. Using VoIP telephony and a virtual PBX system, calls are forwarded to your office or call center anywhere in the world. So you could be sitting in Hong Kong or Australia and still smoothly talking to your Florida customers at any time.

And why just customers? You can also talk to partners, clients, and affiliates in Florida with the help of Florida call forwarding. Local, national, and international calls are all possible with this service. If you are looking to cut down on phone costs, virtual numbers is the way to go.

Additional benefits of Florida call forwarding

Besides basic call forwarding, the virtual PBX system also offers additional features. Some of these include call recording, voicemail, and IVR system. You can set a personalized welcome message, have voicemails sent to your inbox, and forward numbers to different departments for ease of communication. Features like video and conference calls are also available at an additional cost.

Florida call forwarding system is an important business toll these days. Regardless of your location, Global Call Forwarding can guide to choose the best services for your business needs. Contact us today to get started.

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