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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) features a very diverse and multicultural society, with approximately 80 percent of the population comprised of expatriates. Directly because of this, the UAE is often considered to be fairly liberal and the UAE has schools, cultural centers, and restaurants that cater to many different cultures. The UAE is a primarily Muslim nation. Entrepreneurs doing business in the UAE should be well aware of and respectful of local traditions.

Business Culture in the UAE

The language most commonly spoken in the UAE is Arabic, followed by English, French, and Russian. The majority of official documents, laws, forms, and decrees are offered in the Arabic language, so it is essential to have knowledge of the language to be able to do business in the UAE. English is also very widely spoken throughout the nation and although it is common for some documents to be written in English, Arabic is greatly preferred by various public sector organizations. It is also preferred if one has at least one side of their business card printed in Arabic and it should be noted that business cards are exchanged immediately following introductions using both hands or only with the right hand. Business cards should then be placed on the table when sitting for a meeting versus putting them away in a pocket or briefcase immediately.

There is a great weight placed on personal relationships when doing business in the UAE and though face-to-face business dialogue is preferable, phone calls are definitely acceptable. Emails are categorized as very impersonal. To build relationships and to establish trust within those relationships, contact is critical and an understanding that business relationships are built over time is essential. For times when one cannot attend a meeting in person, UAE phone numbers can be of great assistance. Anyone looking to do business in the UAE may wonder how to get a local phone number.

How to Get a UAE Phone Number

UAE phone numbers can be purchased and set up to offer any potential and existing partners/clients the ability to reach you. This is a sign of commitment to doing business with your new partners. This also shows a willingness to accommodate them with a UAE phone number that is local to them.

The UAE is relatively modern in comparison to the remainder of the Middle East region. A great number of business practices are evolving towards a more Westernized approach, but it still remains very important to be aware of and respectful of differences that may exist.

Doing Business in the UAE

Doing business within the UAE can prove to be beneficial for many types of businesses across many sectors and in different parts of the world. It is easy to understand why doing business within the UAE is such an attractive option. The World Bank has ranked the UAE as a generally easy to do business within. The Index of Economic Freedom ranks the UAE as ‘mostly free’ from a great deal of administrative interference in relation to business matters. Reforms have encouraged the creation of an efficient regulatory system with flexible employment regulations. Also, 30 Free Trade Zones exist in Dubai offering tax exemptions, confidentiality, and property ownership, among many other advantages.

Anyone that is considering doing business in UAE should begin with setting up UAE phone numbers to begin communicating with potential customers and clients, and begin to enlist the help of professionals regarding legal matters, language and more.

Global Call Forwarding sells UAE virtual numbers to help you and your business begin your path to successful business in the UAE.

Here are the steps regarding how to get a UAE phone number:

  1.  Go to the website
  2.  Under the “Select Your New Phone Number” area, select UAE as the country
  3.  Select the type of phone number, depending on whether you wish you to have a toll free number, a UIFN number, or a number based on geographic location (i.e. If you choose geographic location, another dropdown menu will appear and you can select a specific geographic location within the UAE)
  4.  Select a phone number from the drop down options just under the area where you selected which type of phone number
  5.  Enter a destination phone number to the right of the “Select Your New Phone Number” area
  6.  Click on “View Rates and Try for Free”
  7.  Select a plan and any options that you are interested in
  8.  Make sure to enter your name and any other required information
  9.  In the cart, note whether you want to turn the free trial on or off for a variety of options
  10.  Go to checkout and select a payment method
  11.  You will then receive a confirmation page

Call Global Call Forwarding today to go through the steps of how to get a UAE phone number and begin on your path to expansion within the UAE.

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