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The scenic region of Miami-Dade has witnessed massive growth in the last few years, with the US emphasizing the development of the smaller towns and counties. Small and medium-sized businesses have flourished, creating employment opportunities for local people and pumping money into the local economy. This is a ripe time for investment and business expansion in this region.

However, setting up offices in a vast country might be out of the reach of a small business. Customer service is one of the main aspects that can be affected in the absence of the resources to set up local offices and call centers. Miami-Dade international call forwarding, however, provides a simple and affordable solution to the situation.

What is Miami-Dade International Call Forwarding?

One important aspect of customer service is to provide existing and potential customers with a direct line of communication. Toll-free numbers have traditionally been the mainstay of this kind of business process as they offer tremendous value at a minimal cost. Though modern forms of communication like email and Internet chat have also entered the scene, toll-free numbers still offer that personal, human touch everyone appreciates.

Modern call forwarding has gained immense popularity among small and medium businesses because it helps transcend geographical boundaries, while attracting customers and prospects. When your office or headquarters are located outside the US, building and maintaining call centers and branch offices even in a small county like Miami-Dade can be costly.

With Miami-Dade international call forwarding, you can avoid this expensive investment while still reaping all the benefits of having true Miami-Dade local numbers. Miami-Dade international call forwarding has all the features and benefits of a regular local number. If you have a customer base in Miami-Dade, or plan to start a business there, Miami-Dade international call forwarding is a valuable tool.

Having a Miami-Dade international call forwarding system will ensure that your business projects a tangible, local presence among your customers in that country. Having a toll free number confers an aura of reliability and professionalism by telling consumers that the business cares about them. Having a toll free number is always seen as an asset, with proven ROI.

How Does the System Work?

The whole system is designed to offer you maximum flexibility. So if you are interested in creating a virtual Miami-Dade office for your business outside the US territory, it can easily be done. The system works by connecting a local Miami-Dade number to your non-US numbers via a virtual PBX system. A virtual PBX is a call forwarding system that uses internet telephony/VOIP to connect different hardline connections.

So with a Miami-Dade international call forwarding system, a call placed to a number in Miami-Dade will pass through VoIP and connect with your business landline or mobile number anywhere in the world.

A PBX system is simple, affordable, and easy to use, ideally suited for small and medium-sized companies or startups looking to expand their customer base in international markets. It is more affordable because the system is designed to handle only inbound calls. Since it uses online technologies and software, you will not have to worry about installing expensive hardware.

Once you subscribe to the service, you can get your toll free number setup and installed within minutes. You can configure the numbers to which all incoming calls must be forwarded. You can provide alternate numbers and set up sequential call forwarding. You can even schedule the system to make sure that calls to your Miami-Dade international call forwarding system occurring outside of work hours get routed to an offshore call center or any such alternate option.

Miami-Dade Economy

Florida has always been a scenic, tourist hotspot, but places like Miami-Dade County have also become a business hub in the last few years.

The target industries in Miami-Dade are banking and finance, and trade/ wholesale trade, and despite the slow economic growth in the US, these markets continue to grow and create high-paying jobs. Miami-Dade’s economy has also had a significant connection with Central and South America, boosting the region’s economy.

Miami-Dade draws over 10 million visitors every year, and the region has been the setting for numerous movies and TV shows. The presence of the rich and famous has made the region’s economy climb up the ladder, and become a great spot for business and investments. Indeed,

Miami-Dade international call forwarding is a must-have for your business.
When you choose Global Call Forwarding for your business call forwarding needs, you are investing your trust in a business that has built a reputation over the years, offers reliable and affordable services, and takes a genuine interest in the success of every customer.

Miami-Dade international call forwarding can be a vital tool for your business. Talk to our call forwarding experts to figure out the best virtual numbering plan for your small or medium-sized business.

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