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Singapore is a truly unique nation in this world. The world’s only island city-state is dwarfed by most states in the world. But despite its diminutive size, Singapore is a true heavyweight in commerce and business, and with local numbers in Singapore, your international business can thrive in this country.

The city-state is renowned for being very pro-business, ranking first in the world in the Global Competitive Index. The third-largest financial and trading center in the world is also home to Asia’s largest forex market.

Singapore is a very attractive market for expat workforce as well as overseas businesses of all sizes and sectors. But it is also one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. So, regardless of whether you have family or business interests in the island state, Singapore call forwarding offers the most affordable way of staying in touch with them.

What are Singapore Local Numbers?

Singapore local numbers are phone numbers with a local Singapore area code that can be dialed for free and forwarded to another phone. Local phone numbers can be beneficial for both businesses as well as individuals residing overseas. They provide a cheap direct line for your relatives to call you without racking up humongous overseas calling charges.

When somebody places a call to your local virtual Singapore number, they only have to pay local call charges. The free call gets automatically forwarded to your overseas number. All you have to pay is a very reasonable subscription fee for the service. The subscription charges you have to pay for this service are minuscule when compared to the money saved on international calling charges.

Why use Local Numbers

Singapore has a large expat population from all over the world working in its vibrant economy. If you have family members residing in the city-state, Singapore local numbers offer a vibrant value-for-money proposition to keep in constant touch with them. With virtual local numbers, you can circumvent international call rates. Since incoming calls only cost local charges, you do not have to worry about incurring a massive telephone bill.

If you are a small business with customers or affiliate partners in the city, local phone numbers in Singapore can be a great option to facilitate communication. For a minimal investment, you can establish a direct line of communication for your local customers and business partners in Singapore. You don’t need to maintain expensive office premises in Singapore to get this very useful feature. And your local customers and business partners will appreciate the gesture. Having a Singapore local number means that they can contact you at a minimal cost.

Singapore Local Numbers Telephone System Explained

The tiny nation has an area of just around 270 sq. miles and a population of just 5.45 million. So there is no need for area codes or trunk codes for local numbers. Everything, including the landline networks as well as radio and IP telephony, are all based on the same area numbering system.

Singapore local numbers use 8 digits and are categorized based on the first digit. So there can be 10 different series of numbers, but in fact, only six are in use at present. While mobile numbers start with “9”, landline Singapore local numbers tend to start with “6”. The country’s international calling code is “+65”.

Learn more about Singapore phone numbers and the IMDA Numbering Plan here.

How Does a Singapore Call Forwarding System Work?

When you get a Singapore local phone number, you get assigned a virtual number of your choice. This will be a valid 8-digit number from the Singapore local numbers series. The process does not involve long-term contracts or costly hardware installation.

Everything is taken care of online. The entire process can be completed within a matter of minutes and you can have your Singapore local numbers up and working within 2-3 business days. Once payment has been completed and the number has been assigned, you can decide your personal or office number to which this virtual number should be linked. Once linked, all incoming calls to your Singapore local number will be forwarded to this connected number. It can be any landline or cell phone number.

With advanced call forwarding settings, you can even assign multiple office numbers to be linked to your virtual number. That way, if one number fails to respond, the call will be diverted to the next one on the list. And if you have family scattered in different countries, you can even opt for Singapore local numbers that can be forwarded to phone numbers in different countries.

Singapore Economy Outlook

Singapore is considered to be one of the “Asian Tigers”, with a strong trade-based economy. Since it is already a very developed economy, it may not have the growth rate of emerging economies like India or China. However, it is one of the richest nations in the world and a key center of international trade in Southeast Asia. So, the short to medium-term outlook is quite positive.

If you are a small business or startup, with the global expansion of the digital economy, now may be the best time to expand into the Singapore market. Get Singapore local numbers to facilitate your business expansion in this profound and mighty island nation.

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