Hungary virtual numbers

The international format for Hungary phone numbers always begins with +36. If you cannot use a plus sign on the telephone that you are calling from, you can dial 00. Therefore, the format for calling Hungary can be +36 (plus the 1 or 2 digit area code) (6 or 7 digit phone number). Or it can be 0036 (plus the 1 or 2 digit area code) (6 or 7 digit phone number). 00 or + work as the “International Direct Dial” code and 36 is Hungary’s “International Country Code.”

Making Calls to Hungary

There is some difference between numbers as you can understand from the explanation of the format. There can be more than 11 numbers dialed, depending on whether you are calling a 6 or 7 digit phone number or a 1-2 digit area code. Most areas of Hungary also have their own prefix. If you are in the area that you are making the phone call to, then you do not have to dial the prefix.

Getting Hungary Virtual Phone Numbers

There are many ways to get Hungary Phone Numbers. You can buy calling cards, purchase a virtual phone number from Global Call Forwarding, or you can move to Hungary and set up a local number (despite the major hassle). Purchasing calling cards can be done in person at multiple locations such as a post office or shopping center. They can also be purchased online.

A Warning About Calling Cards

You should beware of buying calling cards from certain areas, though, because sometimes calling cards are mislabeled and you have fewer minutes than you actually thought or none at all. It is important to vet out places that you deem untrustworthy before purchasing a calling card.

If you choose to purchase a virtual phone number, you can simply call Global Call Forwarding at 1 (888) 908 617 or visit the Global Call Forwarding website at From the site, you will be able to choose from an easy-to-use drop-down menu the kind of phone number you want and which country you want it from. Select the Country, then move down to Number Type, and finally, you will have the option to choose a number or port or transfer a number.

Virtual Hungarian Phone Numbers

Choosing to get a virtual phone number for Hungary is an excellent choice for small and large business owners who want to expand their companies overseas but do not want to build an office in another country. It is simple to set up, there are no upfront costs, and you can begin calling Hungarians the same day you choose your package. When you choose Global Call Forwarding, you will be provided a number that comes with a variety of features such as call forwarding, personalized voicemail, and an auto-attendant menu. Expanding your business to other countries is a big step in the right direction for growing your business and making more money from a bigger pool of customers.

Hungary Phone Number Types

Toll free Hungary phone numbers, Universal Toll Free numbers, and Geographic Hungary virtual numbers all work similarly. A Universal Toll Free number will allow you to call numbers in Hungary and from other countries. The Hungary Toll Free number will let you call people from any location in the country of Hungary. A Geographic Hungary phone number works like a local number. You can create a personal relationship with the Hungarian people in a specific location using this type of number.

Hungary is a grand and welcoming place in Central Europe to expand your business. Hungary is located south of Slovakia, north of Serbia, and bordered by other countries such as Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, and Ukraine. If you’re getting a Hungary phone number, it may be ideal to have a Hungarian-speaker on staff to communicate with the local residents. Many businesses are considering getting a Hungary phone number because of the high-income economy found in Hungary. It ranks very highly on the Human Development Index and boasts a top social security system and universal health care. It also offers tuition-free secondary education, making the workforce in Hungary very skilled and highly educated.

F A Q | Hungary Phone Numbers

The country code for Hungary phone numbers is (+36).

Companies interested in doing business in Hungary can get toll free and local Hungary phone numbers.

Yes, you do not need to be located in Hungary to use a Hungary phone number. A Hungary virtual phone number lets you connect with locals from any location.

Virtual phone service providers like Global Call Forwarding offer Russian virtual numbers among other business phone numbers.

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