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India is one of the biggest countries in the world, not only in terms of landmass but also in terms of population. India is also one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. One of the reasons for this is because of its fast-growing outsourcing industry. When you factor this all together, it’s easy to see why India is such a profitable market to serve. Get Indian phone numbers to enter your business in this booming economy.

Everything to Know About India Phone Numbers

If you truly want to tap India’s market, then you have to open every line of communication that is available to you. Of course, your customers access business through the Internet via applications like Skype and Facebook. Most companies are already taking advantage of these methods so if you want to get ahead, then you will have to push a bit further. One method is getting your own India phone number for your business.

So, why should you purchase an India phone number? And how do you call India? What is the country code for India? How long are the phone numbers in India? If you are asking yourself these questions, then read on. This article is going to explore the answers and the benefits of having an India local number.

Why Purchase An India Phone Number?

So, why would you want to buy India virtual numbers? Most people are hesitant to purchase a local India phone number. One of the biggest reasons for this is to avoid additional expenses. While it is true that getting a local India phone number is going to cost money, but think of it as an investment.

If you pay for such additional costs and it will increase your sales, then the service simply just paid for itself with extra that can go to your bottom line. This is just the broad stroke idea of getting a local India number, below are only a few of the many benefits of getting such kind of phone number for your business.

Tap India’s Huge Market – this is the biggest reason why you should get a local India phone number. India’s population and market are huge. For you, this means that even if you purchased a local number and your reach will only go up by 1%, but the market is so huge that it can easily translate to significantly more sales for your business. The cost of purchasing a local India number is so low when compared to the reach and additional sales it can bring. In fact, the ROI can be so ridiculous that getting a local number is a no-brainer.

Local Friendly – It’s undeniable that we are still comfortable calling a local number compared to an international one. For example, if you see an ad that says “contact us at +011 39 43 45325” versus “contact us at 2544485”, which of the number will jump out to you? If you are like most people, then the second number is more attractive to you.

This is because you know the second number is local and you will be talking to a local like you. Also, the second number is a lot easier to dial and remember. These two factors can be the difference between a potential customer calling your business or calling a competitor of yours who carries a local India number.

Low Costs – Another reason why you would want to get a local number is because of your customers. You have to look at a number from a standpoint of a customer. Having a number that looks like an international number would mean that a customer will be assuming that he or she has to pay long-distance calls. That itself is another barrier to picking up the phone and dialing your company. If you have a number that looks like a local one, then this barrier would not exist.

India is one of the best markets to tap because of its growing economy and the huge size of the market. If you are doing business in India, then it’s imperative that you buy India phone numbers. By doing so, your number will look like it’s local and makes it more appealing for your customers to call you. Yes, buying virtual phone numbers will cost money, but if you compare it to the increased sales it brings, you would be kicking yourself why you didn’t get one any sooner.

How Do You Call India?

Calling India is just like calling other countries. If you want to call India, then the first thing that you need to know is your country’s international phone prefix.

An exit code is a number that tells your communications provider that you want to call outside of your country. That’s only the first step.

The second step is dialing the country code of India. Then, since India is a huge region, you will have to input the area code. Finally, you simply need to dial the local India number. To recap and simplify the process, here is the formula:

Here’s how to call India:

  1. Dial the country exit code or international phone prefix
  2. Next, dial the India country code
  3. Dial the area code
  4. Finally, enter the India phone number

India Country Code and Phone Number Format

The country code of India is composed of only 2 digit numbers:+91.

Now, the E.164 format would look like this.

011 + 91 + area code + local landline number.

Keep in mind that 011 is the exit code for the US and Canada. Hence, if you are not calling from the US or Canada, replace it with the exit code of your country. The next order of business is the area code.

As mentioned before, India is a huge place. To organize the numbers, telecommunications companies devised an area code for each place in India. You can easily find the India area code if you do a bit of searching in the search engines. Adding the area code, you will be dialing something like this:

011 + 91 + 11 + local landline number

This is just an example. We added the number +11 and it’s the area code of Delhi. If you are not calling Delhi, simply find the area code of your call destination and replace the +11 with it. So, how many numbers we have to dial in total? Phone numbers in India are usually only 10 digits. However, if you are dialing from other countries, then you will have to add the exit code for your country, plus the country code of India and finally the 10-digit local number.

Buy India Numbers from Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding can get you set up with India phone numbers so that your company can conduct business smoothly within the country. Browse through our inventory online or speak with our representatives to learn more! Call us at 1 (888) 908 6171 or chat online.

F A Q | India Phone Numbers

India phone numbers are virtual numbers for the country of India. Local Indian customers and contacts can call these numbers for local calling rates instead of international rates.

Global Call Forwarding offers phone numbers for more than 160 countries, including India toll free numbers. Businesses that want to extend operations internationally can use these numbers to do so.

No, India virtual numbers enable users to be located anywhere and have incoming calls made to the India phone number forwarded to any number or location.

India toll free numbers give Indian customers and contacts a free way to connect with your business. Customers don’t hesitate to call an India 1800 number because they are free to call.

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