India is not only the most populous democratic country in the world, but it is also a newly industrialized country. It offers plenty of opportunities to start or expand your business; it welcomes any kind of foreign investment. One of the perks of setting up a business in India is the massive customer base that is available here.

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If you want your products or services to succeed in India, it is important that it is well liked by the customers. The only way customers will trust a particular business is if they offer spectacular customer service and take care of any grievances in an effective manner. With India virtual numbers from Global Call Forwarding, your Indian customer base can get in touch with you, no matter where you are.

Before doing business in India, a G20 country, it is vital that you take a look at its economy.

The Economy of India: Overview

In terms of the nominal GDP, the economy of India is the seventh largest in the world. However when it comes to purchasing power parity (PPP), this country is the third largest. This country is categorized as a newly industrialized country and over the last two decades, its economy has had a steady growth rate of 7 percent. The last quarter of 2014 proved to be extremely good for the Indian economy; it was during this time that India replaced China as the fastest growing major economy in the world.

One of the major contributors to the economy of India is the service sector and it made up approximately 57 percent of the GDP in 2012-13. Some of the other major contributors to its economy include the agricultural sector and the industrial sector. With the second largest labor force in the world, the major industries in India are textiles, food processing, telecommunications, software, biotechnology, and machinery.

The e-commerce market in this country is one of the fastest growing in the world, especially after the bold demonetization program of the Indian government. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, banned Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes in order to clean up the ‘black money’ that is rampant in the country. This move came as a surprise, and the Income Tax Department has already seized over millions of dollars in cash in their raids.

However, it was normal citizens who were inconvenienced, since they couldn’t make any cash transactions. This led them to use digital payment services like Paytm, which is why the e-commerce industries are shining at the moment. Digital India does not seem like a dream any more, with most of the country going digital wherever possible.

What are India Virtual Numbers?

India virtual numbers are in reality numbers that look a lot like local numbers but actually connect wherever you want them too. In other words, these numbers are connected to a cloud system and are not associated with any telephone line.

For any start up business, it is crucial that your customers remain happy and satisfied. And this is especially true for a business that is trying to dig its roots in a foreign country. When you are trying to set up your business in India, Global Call Forwarding can help you establish a virtual presence with their India virtual numbers service.

Using India virtual numbers is extremely beneficial to your business because the Indian customer can get in touch with you anytime and anywhere. These numbers also offer you the mobility while conducting business. For example, if you have to go for a meeting with a supplier or a distributor, you can do so very easily when you use India virtual numbers.

This is because you can simply forward all the incoming calls to your mobile instead of your office landline. There is no longer any need to remain in your office waiting for the Indian customers to get in touch with you. You can remain accessible to customers in India with an international call forwarding service.

Virtual numbers also give your business the brand exposure it needs to prosper in a foreign country. When you use India virtual numbers, it ensures that your customers in India feel your presence in the market. They are not aware that the calls are being forwarded to another country because they are only being charged a local calling cost. And since the calls can always be answered (by forwarding it to a call center), this builds trust in your customer base in India.

India Virtual Numbers with Advanced Service Features

When you get India virtual numbers from Global Call Forwarding, you can enjoy a variety of features. They are:

  • Voicemail to Email – If for some reason, you missed a call from your Indian customer, this feature comes in very handy. Even though you use your cell phone or office phone to receive the call, voicemails can be forwarded to your email and listened to as an mp3.
  • Failover Forwarding – This feature is very useful if you don’t want to miss any incoming calls from India. If you are busy doing something cannot answer a particular call, a second number will ring, followed by a third until somebody answers the call.
  • Advanced IVR – The phone call will automatically be forwarded to a voice response menu, which can direct customers to the appropriate department based on their response. This helps build a very professional image of your business in the minds of the Indian customer.