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Call centers can be a marvelous boon to organizations looking for newer ways to streamline customer service. A golden and effective Indian virtual call center can help a business not just retain customers but also strengthen and boost customer relationships. However, setting up and sustaining a call center is no easy task and can turn out to be a hefty expense. And, that is why more and more companies are shifting to virtual call centers.

What is a Virtual Call Center?

A virtual call center is nothing but a call center hosted on the cloud via the use of virtual PBX systems. A virtual PBX in simple terms is a hosted internet telephony system. This system is used by several businesses to route external calls through their existing internal phone lines. A virtual call center can be set up in India with the use of international call forwarding.

This system is software-based which means you do not have to invest in running traditional telephone wires. In fact, a virtual call center can be scaled and expanded when needed at a very low additional cost, as there are no hardware upgrades necessary. Virtual PBX systems can be integrated seamlessly with all cloud based India virtual call center software, to aid in capturing, tracking, and monitoring data.

These PBX systems for India virtual call centers allow companies to provide exemplary customer support by offering:

  • Auto attendants that attend to customers
  • Smart call queuing system that automatically distributes incoming calls among all available employees
  • Skill-based call routing can be programmed to send out a certain sort of calls to specific agents based on the needs of the customer.
  • Real time monitoring system that allows for the managerial team to oversee the operations from any location
  • Single-click call forwarding capability that allows you to re-route calls to another call center, during times of extremely high call volumes

A reliable hosted virtual PBX telephone service coupled with the skills, expertise, and low costs of an Indian virtual call center can help businesses deliver outstanding customer support and service. As PBX systems are rather flexible and allow you to hire skilled employees across the globe at lower costs, your India virtual call center can grow exponentially as your company grows.

Setting up a Virtual Call Center in India

India virtual call center services are said to be one of the handiest services for both organizations and customers. Any business enterprise, even small-scale businesses, can use a virtual call center to run and sustain a successful operation.

When a customer calls to inquire about your products/services and reaches a helpful customer service representative, it can yield immense positive impact on the business. The customer will feel reassured and satisfied. However, establishing a call center on your own can be an expensive affair. Many small businesses simply do not have the required capital and human resources to operate such large-scale operations.

As you may have understood already, a virtual call center is nothing but a call center wherein the organization’s representatives may be situated in many smaller centers. They usually work from home as opposed to sitting in an office. This is a huge boon for any organization as it does not need to worry about investing in a workspace and other equipment.

Setting up a virtual call center in India is not as expensive as setting up a brick-and-mortar office and hiring dozens of employees. It is the way to go if you want to expand your business without having to invest a huge capital.

Benefits of Setting up an India Virtual Call Center

Opting for India virtual call center services renders many advantages over traditional offices. One such advantage is that you can provide your customer with high-quality customer service at reduced costs as already discussed. Other prominent benefits include:

  • No hold time and swift resolution of customer queries
  • Calls can be monitored and logged
  • It saves costs relating to infrastructure, software, and equipment investment
  • Only hire the required number of agents
  • Cost-efficient calls

What is the Technology Required for a virtual call center?

Virtual call center services use a virtual ACD (VACD) technology that has no limit for arranging the work of virtual call center agents from home. This virtual call center makes sure that it connects with customers in their preferred language to avoid any language-related issues.

VACD refers to the Virtual Automatic Call Distribution, which is used to switch data as well as messages between the network components. Owing to VACD, there is an even distribution of calls made to all the agents. It also facilitates language-effective connections, connecting customers to agents who are proficient in the language chosen by their respective customers.

Skill-based and hierarchy-based routing is also accomplished using virtual ACD. The virtual ACD also provides an agent friendly interface. It enables the agent to look into the queries, logs and company-specific regulations while talking with the customers. It also helps in real-time monitoring wherein the agent can track the details of the queries posed by the customer.

In the wake of the many benefits enlisted, a virtual call center is highly recommended if you intend on expanding your business overseas. Contact us for exciting discounts and assistance in setting up an India virtual call center.

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