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Whether or not your business is located in the Washington DC area, you can still gain access to local phone numbers in that area and therefore access to the local citizens of our nation’s capital city.

Why would you want local Washington DC phone numbers? Washington DC phone numbers can help your small business reach outside of their local neighborhoods, and help your big business take on the role of a homey, local business. Global Call Forwarding has several local numbers for the Washington DC area and other cities that you might want to take your business to. Using the Global Call Forwarding virtual phone system, you can maintain a local presence in cities all over the US and the world. This virtual phone system comes with many impressive features such as unlimited extensions, customized greetings, call forwarding, and SMS capabilities.

About Washington DC

Washington DC is technically a “federal district” and not located in a state. However, the capital city is home to over 690,000 people. It is located on the east coast between Maryland and Virginia. The capital city was named for America’s first president, George Washington and it began attracting a larger populace during the Civil War. Later, in the 1930s after the New Deal was enacted, the population saw another increase as well as extensive construction began throughout the city. Washington DC is one of the most important cities in the US, as well as the world as it is home to the White House, Congress, and the US Supreme Court.

DC’s Industries

Washington DC’s largest industry is the government, and it is home to significant historical sites such as the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial as well as essential institutions such as the World Bank and treasury. It also houses two Fortune 500 companies, Danaher and Fannie Mae, and two Fortune 1000 companies, Carlyle Group and WGL. The largest employers in the federal district other than the government are INOVA Health, Marriott International, Inc., MedStar Health, Giant Foods, and the University of Maryland. The median salary for the population in Washington DC is $69,000, which is higher than the entire nation’s average income.

Tourism in DC

Tourism is also a booming industry in Washington DC. Millions of tourists from the US and around the world flock to Washington DC every year to learn more about our nation’s history as well as to experience the magnificent cherry blossoms in the springtime, to visit the Smithsonian Museum, to eat at many of the top restaurants in the area, and to enjoy the Atlas Intersections Festival.

Washington DC is home to the 202 area code, and the majority of numbers in this area have this area code or one of several other area codes for surrounding areas such as 301 and 703.

You can also find other numbering systems for Maryland and Virginia on the Global Call Forwarding site. If you want local Washington DC phone numbers as well as a toll free phone number, you can find both on the Global Call Forwarding site. Therefore, if you’re going to make your small business seem more professional to those in the DC area, having a toll free number is a big step towards this. On the other hand, if you operate a more extensive business, you can use local phone numbers to form close bonds with customers on a local level all around the US.

The process for purchasing local or toll free Washington DC virtual numbers is straightforward and has very few startup costs. There is no limit to how many numbers you can buy from Global Call Forwarding, so if you think having both local numbers and a toll free phone number is the right choice for your business, you can always choose to have both.

Using Washington DC Phone Numbers

When you decide to purchase local Washington DC phone numbers, you can choose from a variety of plans and add-ons that are right for your business. The plans vary based on what your company may need, including the number of minutes and the option of rollover minutes or to enable SMS. If you want to get connected with Washington DC phone numbers to become available to the locals in Washington DC, do it now with Global Call Forwarding.

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