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A business can build a strong presence in any country with the use of worldwide phone numbers. Regardless of where a business is physically-based or if a business even has a physical office anywhere, these global numbers can help to connect a company to any number of international target markets where a company may wish to establish itself.

Gain a Worldwide Reach

Companies can purchase phone numbers for worldwide use, market to various cities and countries worldwide and provide worldwide phone numbers through which customers and other business contacts may reach out to the company. Calls made to worldwide phone numbers can be forwarded to a landline or mobile phone line of a business owner’s choice.

The usage of worldwide phone numbers allows businesses to establish a presence in multiple international markets without having to incur the astronomical costs of establishing physical locations in each. For anyone who calls worldwide virtual phone numbers to reach the company, there is no charge. There are cost savings for the business owners as well, when compared to taking calls when traveling and having to pay for roaming charges.

Centralize and Organize Communication

Forwarding calls internationally through the use of worldwide phone numbers also allows businesses to centralize telecommunications to a designated location, regardless of where in the world the calls are coming from.

Another benefit of virtual worldwide phone numbers is the ability to have a reliable means of communication. Many underdeveloped countries have infrastructure that has not been updated for some time, as well as phone lines and electrical grids that are not reliable on a consistent basis. Virtual worldwide numbers eliminate the issue of playing roulette with outdated local systems and calls are instead rerouted to a host country with reliable hardware and infrastructure.

Juggling the issue of various time zones is another factor to be taken into consideration for international businesses. Worldwide virtual phone numbers can be forwarded, which allows for a company operating in a number of time zones to reroute calls from anywhere in the world to a predetermined phone line where someone is able to respond to calls at certain times of day and night.

Global Call Forwarding provides worldwide phone numbers as a solution for businesses as well as personal use clients and focuses on staying well informed with regard to the most recent technologies related to global communications. Global Call Forwarding offers a great number of advanced features to assist clients in getting the most out of their worldwide phone numbers plan.

In order for a business to compete in today’s highly technological and fast-paced business environment, the ability to have a clear, reliable method of communication is imperative. Successful international businesses can attest to the fact that worldwide virtual phone numbers add value to their business. Worldwide virtual numbers can be toll free or local numbers that are specific to a country and/or region and help a business to establish a local presence in a market without having a physical location in that market.

Global phone numbers provided by Global Call Forwarding, and their features, can be managed via an online control panel and incoming calls may be forwarded to mobile phone lines or landlines.

Expand Your Business with Worldwide Phone Numbers

The use of worldwide phone numbers is one of the most effective tools a business owner can use in expanding their business. With Global Call Forwarding, worldwide phone numbers can be set up in over 140 countries to provide customer service and sales support or to simply connect with investors or manufacturers in various parts of the world.

Global Call Forwarding offers enhanced features to compliment whichever service a customer decides is best for their needs. Some of these features include customized voicemail, call forwarding that is set up to switch at various times depending on the time zone and/ or business hours, call recording, and voicemail to email.

Global Call Forwarding allows prospective customers to also try the service for free to test what works and what does not work in relation to their specific needs and preferences.

With over 20 years of experience in the global communication industry, it is the highest aim of Global Call Forwarding to be available to customers worldwide and to offer live customer support at all times. Through the setup process and beyond, Global Call Forwarding account specialists are available to walk customers through any necessary steps to ensure the plan in place is working to the highest benefit of the customer, and that the process is clear enough to be easily managed on their own. It is also the aim of Global Call Forwarding to provide cost savings, convenience, and services to help businesses to grow.

Contact Global Call Forwarding today to discuss options for worldwide phone numbers and the plethora of features offered to compliment the phone service.

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