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UAE toll free forwarding numbers do come in really handy to those who intend having a virtual office in the emirates without actually setting up one.

In other words, you have a UAE toll free forwarding number which is accessible from anywhere in the world, your customers call that number and their calls in turn, get transferred to your cell phone or landline somewhere else in the world where you are stationed or choose to be.

Economic scenario of the UAE

The UAE economy is the Arab world’s second largest. It’s GDP was $403.2 billion in 2014 and its economy is being successfully diversified. The economy is predominantly petroleum-dependant as also on natural gas. Its revenue earnings, more than 85% in fact, have been from oil exports.

Apart from oil, tourism is the second largest revenue source and the UAE boasts of some of the most luxurious hotels, shopping centers and gold souks in the world. Moreover, a booming real estate industry, rapidly growing manufacturing base as also a vibrant services sector are contributing substantially to the UAE’s economic diversification program. Currently construction projects worth $350 billion are active.

Moreover, the UAE is a member country of OPEC and the WTO.

The IT and financial sectors have grown in the region by leaps and bounds with some of the best IT companies in the world opening up offices here. It has also turned out to be a home to some of the world’s largest media companies, which have set up full-fledged stations and studios for broadcasting news all over the world.

Additionally, gourmet cuisine, amusement parks and the ready availability other forms of entertainment have singled out the UAE as one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations. Even though the region’s economy was somewhat adversely affected due to the dip in oil prices recently, it is expected to bounce back shortly and record steady growth again.

Getting UAE toll free forwarding numbers

Both individuals and businesses are entitled to get UAE toll free forwarding numbers. For instance, once you subscribe to these numbers from your service provider, any calls made to these numbers will be forwarded to your landline or mobile in New York, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Mexico, Paris, Moscow, and Istanbul, to name a few.

The caller, however, thinks he is calling your office in the UAE. For those living abroad, calling someone in the UAE becomes much easier through a VoIP-based virtual number and the cost of such international calls will also be much cheaper.

These numbers can be accessed from more than 90 countries worldwide, and from 6,500 different international cities. International multi-channel virtual local numbers, also known as multi-channel DID direct numbers for inward dialing are also available. You just need to select a private operator, get into its website, choose a number from its vast online inventory, pay a fee and get it activated within sixty seconds.

Benefits of UAE toll free forwarding numbers

All users of UAE toll free forwarding numbers unanimously agree that they get multiple benefits from them. It allows them to set up the numbers from any country in the world with the option of saving it even after the company’s address has changed. Strict confidentiality is maintained for all conversations made on the line along with recording facilities for future reference.

Marketing companies have derived great benefits from these numbers, particularly for their ad campaigns and most users have been able to save on costs for international calls substantially.

Incoming calls are transferred to your landline, or the phone line of your choosing. You just need to choose where you want the call forwarded by changing the settings on your online account. Moreover, you don’t need to keep checking your CRM all the time as there’s a choice to get SMSs or email alerts for every marketing lead. This ensures perpetual connectivity with your customers.

UAE toll free forwarding numbers also offer the benefit of features to help you in keeping track of your activities via call analytics, customer insights, recordings, health indicators, and account balances. All calls can be recorded as well, thus monitoring and analyzing customer support quality becomes much easier.

The security of your UAE toll free forwarding numbers are also guaranteed since all your data is protected on the cloud by way of 128 bit SSL data encryption. So no chances of trade secrets or confidential conversations leaking out!

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