Tollfree numbers are telephone numbers with their prefix starting with any of the following three-digit codes; 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844. Calls to a tollfree number are paid for by the receiver of the call, making them free for the caller. Tollfree numbers can be dialed directly to your personal or business telephone line.

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Tollfree numbers make it easy for potential and existing customers to call and inquire about your products or services because they are aware that their phone calls are free, unlike the usual phone billing system. If you are involved in a business that involves receiving massive orders over the phone or on a website, a tollfree phone number is a must-have.

A tollfree number can be an indispensable asset to your business, as they are often used for customer service and telemarketing. The simplicity of having one cannot be overemphasized as it boosts your company image and improves its credibility.

A great way to market your small business is through a tollfree number forwarding service known as vanity numbers. A tollfree vanity number often spells a word associated with the nature of your business such as 1-800-CAR-RENT, making your business phone number easier to remember when advertising on radio, website, billboards, and elsewhere. You can easily request for a memorable sequence of digits from a reputable service provider like Global Call Forwarding.

Why Does Your Business Need a Tollfree Number?

Over the years, tollfree forwarding numbers have gained popularity and have proven successful for many businesses. Businesses get tollfree call forwarding numbers for means of customer communication and a marketing tool.
Here are a few benefits of using a tollfree number for your business:

  1. Easy to Remember
    A tollfree number, especially a vanity number, is more memorable and makes it effortless for the target audience to remember your business or services. It is much easier for a customer to remember 1-800-CAR-RENT than to remember 1-800-227-7368. Therefore, tollfree phone numbers will eventually lead to increased call volume, increasing sales.
  2. Flexibility
    You can enable free phone call forwarding which allows calls to be forwarded to your mobile number, telephone, and other devices. This feature makes you available to communicate with your customers regardless of where your business is located. In addition, subscribing to a tollfree number gives you absolute ownership of the number, and you can choose to migrate it should you change to another phone service provider.
  3. Credibility
    Since potential customers are always on the lookout to purchase from reliable companies, it is wise to operate your business using a tollfree number. In comparison, you business will be seen as successful as other huge companies in the eyes of consumers. This will rapidly boost your company’s image which leads to higher patronage.
  4. Customer Satisfaction
    Toll-free numbers can greatly enhance the degree of your customer service satisfaction. Since customers do not have to incur charges for dialing toll-free numbers, it is convenient for them to reach you at any time or day. They also tend to remain loyal to your product or services.
  5. Affordability
    Tollfree numbers help startups and small businesses to grow effectively and maintain their status at an affordable price. Service providers like Global Call Forwarding offer subscribers minute bundle plans for high-volume calls to keep businesses connected with their customers. You can decide to subscribe to a monthly plan with all inclusive rates or pay-as-you-go option that does not require contracts or deposits.

Here are a few of many features that are offered by Global Call Forwarding when considering a tollfree forwarding phone numbers:

  • Advanced Call Forwarding
    It is an easy-to-use feature which redirects incoming calls to another telephone number(s). This allows calls to be routed to different mobile phones, voicemail, and VOIP which ensures you never miss a call regardless of your location. This enhanced feature is certainly a remarkable communication tool that will help take your business to the next level.
  • Simultaneous/Sequential Ringing
    This feature allows forwarded calls from a toll-free number to ring at the same time on one or more telephones and stops when someone picks up. The sequential ring feature allows the redirected calls to ring down a list of pre-set telephone numbers. These advanced functionality helps to minimize the ratio of unanswered calls.
  • Call Recording
    This feature enables proper documentation of incoming calls which can be revisited at a later time or day. Calls are automatically recorded and saved which can be downloaded at your convenience. Global Call Forwarding allows subscribers to download recorded calls free of charge for a period of 30 days.
  • Voicemail
    Tollfree numbers can be configured with voicemail services which include sending all messages to your computer or laptop as audio files. This gives you the flexibility to listen to messages from anywhere by phone or computer.