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The location of your business is no longer important when you have a tollfree number. Whether the company’s headquarters are in your home, a shared office, or even a dorm room, there is immense flexibility. What matters most is that the business is productive and saves on costs while remaining accessible to customers and the operational team. For these reasons, a tollfree number is a valuable tool for any business. This service allows existing and potential customers to call your business free of cost.

What are Tollfree Numbers?

Tollfree numbers are numbers that do not cost anything for the caller to dial. While this is not a major point of interest in the age of mobile calling, where it does not cost extra to dial long-distances domestically, having a tollfree number indicates that your business is established, operates nationally, and is successful enough to have a tollfree number. Furthermore, a tollfree phone number is excellent when used as a business number, rather than a personal mobile number.

How do Tollfree Numbers Work?

Tollfree phone numbers work like any other phone number. Callers dial to connect to the business or entity on the other line. Tollfree numbers are free to dial, as the subscriber is responsible for the costs that come with the number. Virtual tollfree phone numbers work like any other phone number, however, instead of being routed over telephone lines, they operate via the internet. This allows for exceptional location flexibility.

Business Benefits of a Tollfree Number

So what can a tollfree number do for your business? Here are a few of the ways a tollfree phone number can enhance your business communications.

  • Streamline communications using your mobile phone to handle business calls with call forwarding.
  • Save money using a virtual tollfree phone number.
  • A tollfree number enhances brand credibility as a marker of being established.
  • Tollfree phone numbers give the business both a national and international presence.
  • Use specific tollfree numbers with marketing campaigns to track their effectiveness.
  • Take advantage of the many features included with cloud-based phone numbers.

The greatest advantage is that you can use these numbers for marketing and you do not need to sign a contract. In the United States, the main tollfree codes are: 1-800, 1-844, 1-855, 1-866, 1-877, 1-833, & 1-888. Additional features such as unlimited extensions, call forwarding, black and whitelisting, and voicemail enhance functionality and the ability to manage incoming calls.

How to Get a Tollfree Number

To get a tollfree number, you must first choose a call forwarding service provider. Then, you can choose a new phone number through the ordering process. Certain providers will check the availability of the tollfree number for you and provide multiple options. With Global Call Forwarding, purchasing is simple. Just head to the website’s homepage, enter the relevant information required in the drop down menus, and proceed to purchase.

RespOrgs or Responsible Organizations, assign these numbers on a first-come-first-served basis. They have their own tollfree databases that contain information on number status. The FCC stipulates rules for allotment of and tollfree number usage.

Getting a Tollfree Number: Things to Keep in Mind

Before getting a tollfree number, consider what kind of growth you anticipate for your business. A tollfree number is beneficial as a customer service number when you have products and/or services to sell online. These phone numbers are also vital tools for marketing campaigns, to track results individually. When expanding your business nationally, a tollfree number is an excellent option, as it instantly indicates a national presence.

Additional Benefits of a Tollfree Number

With growing competition in the market, the best service providers offer the same benefits, features, and functionality as the top business phone systems. You can also purchase vanity numbers that enhance your brand image, aligning with the business or industry you are in. Moreover, as a cloud-based system, it requires no installation of expensive or complicated hardware.

Ever since their inception, businesses that focus on quality communication, telemarketing, and exceptional customer service have chosen tollfree numbers. For more information, or to purchase a tollfree phone number for your company, head to Global Call Forwarding today.

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