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Thailand is the Land of Smiles. The scenery is incredible, the food is delicious, and the lifestyle is laid back. It is one of the most happening tourist destinations in Asia, famed for its beaches and shopping markets. Thai culture is rich in heritage and tradition, while their cuisine is famous the world over.

If you run a business, have you ever wondered if you could have a convenient and cost effective way to communicate with your Thai customer base? We understand that communication can often be expensive, especially if you are located overseas. But there are ways to make international calling more accessible and affordable, and one of them is to get a Thailand virtual phone number.

The economy of Thailand thrives on rich natural resources like timber, precious stones, and fisheries. Thailand happens to be one of the world’s biggest rice exporters, while tourism, textiles, jewelry, and electrical appliances are also important. Since exports form a big part of Thailand’s economy, it was affected by the dip in the global market.

However, Thailand is still great for doing business in, despite what many consider to be tight restrictions. Opening a virtual office in Thailand with Thailand virtual office numbers is the best bet when you want to be a part of the Thai economy. It’s an affordable and professional way to maintain a direct channel of communication with your customers.

What are Thailand Virtual Office Numbers?

Virtual office numbers have been very popular over the last few years. With their convenience, affordability, and ease-of-use, they have been fast replacing traditional phone lines. When electronic communication first came into being, everyone assumed the telephone would be dead in the next few years. But telephone communication is not only still around, it has also been enhanced by digital technology in the most innovative ways.

Phone communication offers instant gratification, the biggest reason why it’s still so popular, despite the rise of emails and live chat. When customers or prospects contact an enterprise, they expect to talk to a human being. That’s the benefit of Thailand virtual office numbers. They can be reached at anytime by anyone, anywhere.

Thailand virtual office numbers do not use traditional phone lines. They are internet-based numbers, and they work wherever there is internet connectivity. The most crucial feature of these numbers is call forwarding. Since Thailand virtual office numbers do not have a unique endpoint, they can be forwarded to any region, within or outside the country.

Thailand virtual office numbers are of two kinds: local and international toll free numbers. While toll free numbers are free to call, local numbers are charged at local rates. When a call is placed using virtual office numbers it is routed through a virtual PBX system and connected to your company phone or call center. Calls can be forwarded internationally to mobile or landlines.

Why use Thailand Virtual Office Numbers?

Gone are the days when working in office meant being tied to a specific building or location. More and more companies are turning to virtual offices, where employees work from home and digital technology is heavily used for all purposes.

You could be working from home, but virtual numbers would allow you a seamless connectivity with clients. If you have people working for you, virtual numbers ensure you are always connected to one another.

The benefits of a virtual office have been recognized by entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even large organizations. Besides cutting down commuting time and infrastructure costs, virtual offices also save space and increase productivity by making remote working possible.

Communication doesn’t need to be restricted to having a fixed office space. It only needs seamless connectivity, which can be easily achieved with Thailand virtual office numbers. Whether you work from home, a coffee shop, or a one-room office, as long as you remain connected to your employees, clients, and customers, your business will flow smoothly.

Thailand virtual office numbers come with several benefits that help make your business look professional. You get plenty of customization options like setting up a caller menu and a personalized welcome greeting, along with other features like call recording, voicemail, sequential forwarding, music on hold, extensions, and missed call alerts. Thailand virtual office numbers are versatile enough to be forwarded to either landlines or mobile phones.

How to get Started?

Thailand virtual office numbers do not require any additional equipment to get started. All you have to do is subscribe to a digital call forwarding service and choose Thailand virtual office numbers of your choice. The numbers will have the specific area codes for each region, and the calls made to the numbers can be forwarded to your company phone, call center, or your personal mobile number.

The calls are routed through a virtual PBX system and connected to the phone lines. Since these are internet based numbers, they have superior call quality and are affected much less often by the weather conditions.

Global Call Forwarding is here to help you choose the right Thailand virtual phone number. Get in touch with us today.

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