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UAE virtual phone numbers

In today’s highly competitive business world, restricting your business to just one country can negatively impact sales. So you need to expand your business presence to different parts of the world, and particularly to countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which are known to help businesses who have UAE virtual office numbers flourish.

Setting up a physical office location can be expensive and require a lot of manpower, which means that it might not be a financially viable option for smaller enterprises. But Global Call Forwarding provides services such as UAE virtual office numbers which enable you to reap the benefits of having a virtual presence in the region without even having to invest in an office.

Communication and accessibility are important factors to increase revenue, and this is exactly what you get with a UAE virtual office phone number.

UAE’s Place in the World Economy

The UAE has already established itself as a leading world market with an increasingly diverse economy and business-friendly attitude. It has the second-largest economy in the entire Arab world, with a GDP of over 400 billion USD in 2013. The economy of UAE is expected to grow in the coming years. As a member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) as well as the World Trade Organization, the United Arab Emirates has one of the world’s most open economies and it is ranked among the top 20 countries for global service business.

The Middle-East has traditionally been dependent on oil, but the government of UAE is taking active efforts to diversify its economy and reduce its dependence on oil. With Prince Muhammad’s “Vision 2030” and Qatar set to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022, UAE seems to be the a good place for business expansion.

How do UAE Virtual Office Numbers Work?

To make your business presence felt in the UAE and attract clients, you do not always need a big, brick-and-mortar office setup. UAE virtual office numbers can help you establish a virtual business presence in the United Arab Emirates even if your business is based in another country. A virtual phone number enables you to provide a direct point of contact to customers in the UAE. Virtual numbers operate through the cloud instead of being directly linked to a landline, and can be phone forwarded anywhere in the world.

With a UAE virtual office number, you can be located in the United States, the UK, China, Brazil, or anywhere else in the world, and your clients can easily contact you by dialing a local UAE phone number. Customers prefer to dial a local phone number instead of a foreign number.

Having a local number means that clients do not have to bear any international calling charges, and your business won’t miss out on important calls. Since any call made to your UAE virtual office number can be forwarded to a mobile phone, VoIP or landline of your choice, it enables you to have a presence in the same country as your client, minus the known and substantial expenses of a physical office.

Using UAE Virtual Office Numbers for Business Growth
In this age of globalization, every business needs to think on an international scale in order to provide their service all over the world and maximize revenue. The United Arab Emirates, being an economic hotspot in the present scenario, is a popular destination for many companies looking to expand their client base and increase sales.

Buying UAE virtual office numbers enables you to establish a strong, direct link with your target customers in the United Arab Emirates even though you may not have a physical office in the country.

For your customers, it will be like dialing a familiar local number, but the free phone call will actually be forwarded to you in another country. The advantage is that your local number is easy to dial and customers will not incur international calling charges. This way, customers will not think twice before calling. A local number also encourages a sense of familiarity, and customers feel that you will be able to provide helpful and prompt service since you have a presence in their country.

UAE virtual office numbers are excellent for all types of organizations, and especially for businesses that do not always require being confined to an office. Every call made to your virtual phone number gets forwarded to another phone in any location that you want, which means that you no longer have to fear missing calls from customers. The included advanced features enable a variety of phone forwarding options that can simplify your job as an entrepreneur.

Since the calls to your UAE phone number are treated as local calls, your customers in the United Arab Emirates do not need to bear any charges like those for normal international calls. As for you, all it takes is a hassle-free set up with instant activation and you can start receiving calls on your UAE virtual office numbers and building a global presence.
Choosing to get UAE virtual office phone numbers helps you build a professional corporate image as people in the region start identifying you as a brand that is local and thus reliable.

At Global Call Forwarding, you will find many plans to choose from to suit your budget and requirement. Other features you get with UAE virtual office numbers include simultaneous and sequential ring and auto-attendant services for times when you are unable to answer a call.

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