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Hong Kong Virtual Office

cellphone hand car night lightsHong Kong, a major city in China, is located in the heart of the Asian continent and is considered to be one of the best places to set up a new business or extend your existing business. China, like we already know, is considered to be one of the top business hubs of the world. Learn the benefits of having a Hong Kong Virtual Office.

It is home to several large scale factories and small scale industries that are prospering at a very rapid pace. Hong Kong, one of the most populated cities of the country, is well connected to most other countries of the world. It also has a well-developed transportation channel and people can opt to travel, by air, roadways, rail, and even ferries.

If you wish to set up a business or expand your current operations, there is no place better than Hong Kong, where you will not only have a very wide customer base, but will also be able to explore several other opportunities such as import and export. Your customer base will include major cities from other countries as well as tourists visiting the town.

Economy of Hong Kong

The currency of Hong Kong is Hong Kong Dollars or HKD and the government offers traders and businessmen minimum taxation. The country is also a duty free port which means there is no customs tariff levied on goods imported into the country. The government collects excise duty on only four categories of goods whether they are locally grown/manufactured or imported. They are: tobacco, hydrocarbon oil, alcoholic beverages, and methyl alcohol.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange market is sixth largest in the world with an investment of over 2.97 million USD. Hong Kong has a 7.9% GDP growth, which is increasing each year. It has an inflation rate of just 3.6% since the year 2014.

The businesses that have flourished in Hong Kong include shipping, textile, electronics, clothing, toys, clocks, etc. The key to success of many of these foreign businesses – small or big is a Hong Kong virtual office. Though Hong Kong is no longer in the top three best places to do business worldwide, it still ranks 5th.

There are many companies in Hong Kong itself that provide funding and support to budding entrepreneurs. In short, it is very beneficial to set up a business in Hong Kong. And, if you do not wish to have a physical presence you can flip the switch for the services of a Hong Kong virtual office.

Setting Up a Virtual Office in Hong Kong

To set up and maintain a good business in Hong Kong, or anywhere in the world, it is very important to have a prompt customer support and after sales service. This can be achieved by subscribing to virtual phone numbers and setting up a Hong Kong virtual office.

A virtual office will allow you to operate a successful business in Hong Kong, without actually having to be physically present in the country. Setting up a Hong Kong virtual office opens doors to endless opportunities and boosts productivity by several notches. A virtual office will give your business a presence in Hong Kong, a specific address and even a telephone number without the hassles of maintaining and paying for a plush office space.

Home based businesses in particular can benefit greatly from this service and project a great degree of professionalism by opting for this service. It is needless to say that establishing an impressive reputation among your customers is your first step towards success, and a virtual office helps you do just that.

A Hong Kong virtual office is not just superior on a number of levels, but also more practical and cost effective if you wish to expand your business and make your presence felt in all major cities of the world.

Features of a Hong Kong Virtual Office

There are several companies that offer virtual office packages at competitive rates. These packages come with features like a prestigious business address, round the clock support services, a dedicate number answered in your company’s name, receiving, and forwarding service for your mails, high end meeting capabilities, and so on. These packages can be tailored as per your business needs.

For any newly set up business, it is critical to have a strong back-end team to address grievances and issues that your customers may have. And, for this it is critical that the entity be approachable via calls through business hours. Having a number that just rings can mar the image and reputation of the company. And, this is where a virtual office can be a blessing.

With a Hong Kong virtual office you need not wait in front of your telephone all through the day waiting for your customers to call. You will be assigned a local telephone number that will be manned around the clock and answered in your company’s name. Trained personnel will address the many questions of your customers and provide them the resolution or support that they may need.

From picking up mails, to forwarding messages, to addressing customer queries, a Hong Kong virtual office can be configured according to your business needs. This will keep your customers happy and allow you to expand your clientele and customer base. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and take advantage of exciting packages and discounts on tailor-made Hong Kong virtual office rates and offerings.

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