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UAE Virtual Office

Establish a virtual presence in UAE with a virtual office. Get a UAE virtual office to do business in UAE from another country!

UAE Virtual Office

In a silent but all invasive ways, technology has transformed the way humans live, interact and do mundane things in life. This technological invasion has become more prominent in the last decade. The Internet has not only transformed life for billions of individuals.

It has made things easier for businesses too. Now, a lot of companies are operating in ways that could be perceived as either impossible or a science fiction concept a few decades back!

The virtual office is no longer a concept―a lot of businesses are actually using it for operation expansion in various parts of the world. It is way more convenient than renting spaces for office. You may also think of virtual offices for expanding operations in the Middle East. A UAE virtual office can help business owners expand their operations in the Middle East.

Reasons to Get a UAE Virtual Office

There are quite a number of solid reasons for you to get a UAE virtual office.

The lower cost is certainly one of them and is the primary reason several venture owners flip the switch for virtual office spaces over typically rented ones. When you start operation in a new country, UAE or any adjacent nation, keeping operational cost lower will definitely be a prerequisite. As it is, when you rent a typical office space, you get only the space for use in most cases.

All other required services like phone, the Internet, cleanup, and so on have to be arranged for separately –which is not a cost effective option. When you walk down the avenue towards a UAE virtual office, these services come bundled in the package.

When you want to expand business operation in the UAE, investing in many things will be required. If you can at least cut down on office space rent, the saved money can be spent on other areas. This will also be handy when you are short on funds yet want to start a business in UAE.

There is no denying the suitability of the UAE region for numerous businesses, even outside no-oil sectors. A lot of MNCs and mid-sized entities are eyeing the region for starting operations. If you too have similar plans for your company, a UAE virtual office may be the right thing.

Getting a UAE Virtual Office: Things to Consider

The prospect of using virtual office space package is definitely enticing. However, you will have to assess a few factors before opting for such packages from a service provider.

  • Telephone answering service- The virtual office you buy for UAE operations, should come with a solid telephone answering service, which must be operational 24×7. The call answering service should work without glitches, regardless of timing and quantity of calls made. You need to discuss this issue with the virtual office service entity. However, you will find some virtual office service providers offering tremendous telephone answering for clients. You will be more impressed with this than watching the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens!
  • Email forwarding service- Your business may actually be located somewhere in New Jersey or Europe. It may deal with mobile accessories or FMCG stuff. However, the target clients will also email apart from making calls. So, it is natural that you will need UAE virtual office package with an embedded email forwarding solution. This will ensure you will not miss important emails- the time zone difference notwithstanding. You may also check out if the UAE virtual office provider offers priority email If your company uses a specific email client like Outlook, check if the entity has support for that or not.
  • Voicemail along with customization- You will get 24×7 customer support on the telephone from the virtual office service provider. However, sometimes it may so happen that a lot of customers are on call while there is less number of staffs to take calls. At such times, voicemail comes to the rescue. So, you should choose UAE virtual office packages that come with a voicemail option. It is even better if a conference call services also there.
  • Call forwarding with recording- Like several other companies, your venture may also use virtual numbers. These numbers operate just like local phone numbers, but actually operate through VoIP and cloud setup. The virtual office service provider should ideally handle such numbers along with call forwarding services. Your company may actually sometimes need to record client calls. When buying the UAE virtual office package, you should check for these provisions.
  • Data storage with backup- You will benefit by using the virtual office solutions, but even then you cannot undermine the importance of data storage and backup. It is a prerequisite for every company, as it is. A company that offers virtual office packages for UAE with solid data backup and storage should be chosen. The company should offer scheduled and automated data backup for clients.

While it is necessary to compare and analyze options to locate the aptest virtual office package in the UAE, you may just choose Global Call Forwarding. It is a leader in this segment.

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