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avoxi logoAvoxi is a provider of cloud communications software with a focus on providing communications services to customers around the world. It offers international toll free numbers, virtual call center software, cloud-hosted PBX service, DID local numbers, SIP trunking, and VoIP gateway solutions to businesses. Cloud communications services enable companies to project a local presence in different countries.

An Avoxi virtual phone number allows any business to establish a virtual presence in another state or country. Businesses can buy virtual phone numbers with a local area code or toll free phone number so that local callers can reach your business for the price of a local call.

Global Call Forwarding offers virtual phone numbers in more than 150 countries along with a variety of advanced service features to serve the communications needs of businesses. Our services have benefitted thousands of clients ranging from individuals to small, medium and large enterprises. We help businesses get in touch with customers, regardless of how small or large their ambitions may be.

Our cost-effective international toll free numbers allow your business to receive calls from virtually any country in the world at a local calling cost. All a business needs to do is buy Avoxi virtual phone numbers in a designated country, and set the destination number as the office phone. Calls originated in that designated country will be treated as a local call, and the calling cost will be negligible.

Benefits of virtual phone numbers

Avoxi virtual phone numbers help to make a business more accessible because it is usually complicated to dial an international phone number. The international dialing process typically consists of entering an exit code, the destination’s country code and area code, and the destination phone number. In addition, callers in another country will hear an unfamiliar ringback tone while they are on the line. The process of dialing an international business will sometimes discourage customers.

A virtual phone number will simplify the process of contacting a business in another country. A business should buy virtual numbers in the target country, and set their phone as the destination number. For example, a business headquartered in France can buy US phone numbers and route the calls to France. US customers will only need to dial the US virtual phone number, and the business can even configure a local ringback tone. Virtual phone numbers have been shown to increase the number of inbound calls by more than 30%!

Project a corporate appearance

Are you looking to project a more professional and corporate appearance? Virtual phone numbers are a great tool for your business to appear more established and professional.

Most large corporations use local and toll free numbers because their clients prefer to dial a number that is free to call. Further, a toll free number is easier to remember than a regular phone. We provide vanity phone numbers so that a business can personalize its toll free number sequence. If your business is striving to portray a larger image, buy Avoxi virtual phone numbers.

In addition, Avoxi virtual phone systems can make businesses run more efficiently. For example, a small business can realize all the benefits of a professional phone system with the advanced service features we provide. Any small or medium enterprise can utilize these scalable features to configure their virtual phone system to essentially serve as a virtual assistant.

Virtual phone numbers with free advanced service features

Included with our international call forwarding service are more than 15 advanced service features to customize your local or toll free Avoxi virtual phone number. The service features are designed to meet the specific needs of every business.

Advanced IVR is a must-have for businesses and we offer free and convenient integrated voice response setup with Avoxi virtual phone numbers. The Advanced IVR is a computerized answering system that greets incoming calls and sends the calls to an appropriate department or extension, based on the caller’s voice or keypad commands. Virtual phone numbers with IVR are commonly used by hotels or other prominent businesses with multiple departments.

In addition to IVR, our virtual phone numbers have a number of advanced call forwarding features so that your phone communicates run seamlessly. Another useful feature is time-of-day routing, which directs incoming calls to a different destination number depending on the time of day.

Also, sequential forwarding will ring multiple numbers sequentially, if the first ‘destination’ line does not pick up. Simultaneous ring with Avoxi virtual phone numbers is used to ring multiple phones simultaneously. The free advanced service features included with our service provide great value to all businesses.

Avoxi vs. Global Call Forwarding

Avoxi was founded in 2001 and it currently spans over 5 continents. It has a portfolio of services and offers local or toll free numbers to businesses.

Global Call Forwarding has been in operation in excess of 20 years. We provide cost-effective local and toll free virtual phone numbers in more than 150 countries, which can be routed to any phone anywhere in the world. Founded in Delray Beach, FL in 1996, we have provided businesses with reliable telecommunications services. Our relationships with Tier 1 carriers enable us to deliver a top-quality service at affordable rates.

We provide fast activation of your virtual phone numbers and will never require our customers to sign a contract. Start a free trial with the best Avoxi alternative today!

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