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opening business dubaiFor businesses that are serious about establishing a presence in the Middle East, they should look no further than the United Arab Emirates. However, not all businesses can afford to branch out in this lucrative market, especially with all of the challenges that can come with localization. Instead, businesses need a cost-effective solution to access the UAE.

That’s why United Arab Emirates Virtual Phone Numbers offer the best of both worlds: your business connects with customers in the UAE via phone numbers unique to the country, and you get to avoid the overheads and challenges that come with transporting your cross-border business.

To appreciate how United Arab Emirates Virtual Phone Numbers can impact your business, it helps to first understand how virtual phone numbers work. Of course, there are advantages and applications to using United Arab Emirates Virtual Phone Numbers that can separate you from your competition. Let’s take a look at the ways UAE Virtual Numbers can improve your international business.

Selling Points of United Arab Emirates Virtual Phone Numbers

Business presence: Establishing your business in a new market doesn’t necessarily need to require leasing new buildings in Abu Dhabi, hiring staff in Dubai, or any other potential overhead. Using United Arab Emirates virtual phone numbers enables you to circumvent these obstacles to connect with callers whether you are based in the UAE or not. Remember, callers are more likely to answer their phones if the call originates from a local number than a foreign number.

Cost-Efficiency: A key advantage of using virtual phone numbers is that they make it cheaper for your business to operate internationally without long-distance charges that come from making non-local calls. For customers, they aren’t charged if they call your virtual phone number; instead, the subscriber (your business) foots the bill and pays for the subscription to the virtual phone number service.

Similarly, United Arab virtual phone numbers can work in reverse, as they are a low-cost method for residents to forward their number to many cities abroad simultaneously — and vice versa, these numbers allow other countries to reach potential markets in the UAE. With the Middle East being an international hotbed of commerce, United Arab Emirates Phone Numbers can be a gateway to many markets.

Hardware Flexibility: Using virtual phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding allows your business to adapt your preexisting hardware that your business already utilizes to handle inbound and outbound calls. United Arab Emirates virtual phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding are not associated with any proprietary hardware or a limited number of compatible devices. Instead, any device that your business already uses can work, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. What’s more is that you can use traditional landlines; this makes retrofitting your business significantly less expensive than if you were required to purchase hardware to support your virtual phone numbers.

Training: Businesses know that training and retraining their employees can be a monumental task that drains your resources. Bringing your employees up to speed as you integrate new additions to your tech can burden your bottom line. However, using United Arab Emirates virtual phone numbers cuts out this waste by offering an intuitive management platform that’s simple to set up, causing minimal downtime. Combined with compatible devices that your business already uses, the result is that employee training time is reduced. With UAE virtual numbers, all that your employees need is a compatible device and they can start handling your new Emirati clientele.

Why United Arab Emirates Virtual Phone Numbers?

Year after year, the United Arab Emirates continues to experience a growing economy with an abundance of opportunities in commerce and trade — particularly with its neighboring countries, but not at the exclusion of those from the far-reaches of the globe. Consider that the UAE has one of the most robust GDP of a country for its size ($729 billion per year, as a recent 2016 estimate).

What makes Emirati citizens unique is that they are, per capita, some of the wealthiest citizens in the world (ranking at 7th), with the average yearly income at nearly $70,000/ person.

As mentioned before, United Arab Emirates Virtual Phone Numbers can serve as the gateway for your international organization to break into the Middle East. Considering the UAE serves as a gateway between its neighboring countries and a powerful country in and of itself, organizations would be wise to conduct business here. Due to the expenses involved with international expansion, virtual phone numbers are the best solution, allowing you to establish your business without the financial headaches that can come from maintaining a physical presence in the UAE.

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