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About: Mikayla Posk


Bio: Mikayla grew up in Delray Beach, Florida, and after completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Philosophy at Queen’s University, she returned home to pursue her M.S. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. She has written for a number of content marketing agencies on health, business, finance, psychology, and technology. After graduation, she plans to use her degree to work with individuals and corporations to help them identify and reach their potential. When she isn’t studying or writing, she is teaching herself Python, or working with Eat Better Live Better to quantify the effectiveness of their health intervention program.

Posts by Mikayla Posk:

Five Customer Service Rules You Should Know

We may not realize it, but our lives are ruled by the companies that surround us. Whether we’re job seeking from our iPhones, sporting the latest sneakers from our favorite running shoe company, or rolling out our Lululemon yoga mat to get in some exercise for the day, we’re surrounded by brands. And when these [Continue Reading]

How Well do you Communicate with Others?

We started with grunts, moved onto crude paintings, took the leap into spoken language, then written language was born, and now we speak roughly 6,900 languages. Most of us like to think we are at the pinnacle of sophistication in our ability to communicate with other people. Then Elon Musk proposes the concept of direct [Continue Reading]

Puerto Rico in the Wake of Hurricane Irma

It seems every month there is a new natural disaster uprooting families, lives, and homes. This year alone, Mexico was taken by surprise with a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, Bangladesh faced devastation following massive monsoons and floods, California is experiencing vast and terrifying wildfires, Colombia fell victim to deadly mudslides, and hurricanes ripped through the Caribbean, [Continue Reading]

How to Make a Telephone with Paper and Plastic Cups

With iPhones and Snapchat it’s difficult to imagine kids growing up without the excitement of making telephones out of paper cups and string. It seems like every childhood friendship consisted of wishing you lived close enough to each other to communicate through your bedroom windows with the latest and greatest in “cup and string telephone [Continue Reading]

Phone Calls and the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act

What is the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)? In the beginning of 2017, a reported 73% of United States citizens who died, passed away with some form of debt (credit, auto, mortgage, personal, or student). With such a large number of people living with debt, it is reasonable for people to want to understand [Continue Reading]