get rid of landline but keep number in 2019

With advancements in cloud communication and telecommunications, businesses no longer need landlines or a traditional phone line to make and receive business calls. If you want to get rid of landline but keep your number in 2024, then number porting is the way to go.

Use Number Porting to Keep Your Number

Whether for business or personal use, smartphones have taken over and the use of landlines is steadily and rapidly declining. Even though many may no longer want to use their landlines or pay for them, they may not want to give up the number. After all, it is troublesome having to send your new contact number to a never-ending list of people. A way to get around this issue is to make use of a service called number porting.

Who can use the number porting service? Anyone who wants to get rid of landline but keep phone number such as legacy call centers, businesses that expanding and growing, individuals who are relocating, and so on.

What is Number Porting?

Number porting or local number portability is a telephony service that lets users switch providers and still keep their numbers. You can simply move or “port” out your number to a new provider or carrier. This means, you can get rid of your landline but keep your number by switching to it a new provider, such as your mobile service.

If you are in the middle of relocating or upgrading your communication system, then you can use this service to avoid losing your number. Porting your number will help you mark “get rid of landline but keep number in 2024” off your to-do list.

Why Port Your Number?

For many businesses, number porting comes in handy when they plan to upgrade their legacy phone system. Some of the reasons a business may want an advanced phone system include:

  • Moving from one location to another
  • Adding new offices and locations
  • Expanding their services and teams
  • Consolidating the number of phone numbers used for the business, and
  • Taking advantage of the cost savings related to consolidating phone numbers.

Porting your number during this transition can ease the process as you do not have to update your contact information and risk losing customers who call the older number.

Homeowners who have owned a landline number for many years would not want to lose their number when they move. Similarly, for individuals who travel a lot for work or other reasons, it is easy and less cumbersome to port their number to a service provider than switch numbers each time they move.

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Benefits of Number Porting

The main benefit of using such a number porting service is to be able to get rid of landline but keep number in 2024. But that aside, there are a few more benefits of porting your number to a reliable provider:

  • Make your PSTN replacement quick and cost-effective
  • Freeze unused phone lines rather than continue to pay a monthly bill for them
  • Consolidate phone lines to save money and streamline communication processes
  • Get a new number for any reason and seamlessly forward calls from the old number to the new number
  • Continue to use your number from any location
  • Access better cloud communication providers and features such as virtual voicemail
  • Upgrade your business phone system without the losing customers and clients

Global Call Forwarding’s Number Porting Service

Global Call Forwarding makes number porting simple. We offer VoIP number porting along with other cloud communication services.

With two decades of experience in developing communication services and features, our telecom specialists can help you with all of your communication needs for business purposes. We can take you through the process of how to port your number as well as answer any questions you may have. To learn more about our services, call us at +1 (561) 908-6171 or chat with us online today!

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F A Q | Get Rid of a Landline But Keep Your Number

Yes, you can get rid of your landline while keeping the number by transferring calls made to the landline to your mobile phone. This way, you still receive calls but don’t have to rely on your landline. Use our number porting service to do this.

Number porting is a communication feature that allows you to keep a number even when you switch services or providers. Calls made to this number can be routed to another number or line of your choice. Call us to learn more about number porting.

You can start the process of porting your number by making a request on our Number Porting page.

  • Quick PSTN replacement
  • Consolidate phone lines to streamline communication processes
  • Switch to a new phone service provider with more features and reliability
  • Keep your number even as you move locations
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