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How to Get a Chinese Phone Number

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China’s booming economy began to slowly develop in the 1940s before a huge boost came in the 1980s. Today, China continues its perpetual climb. While European and American economies have been struggling to progress, it could be the best decision to spread awareness relative to your product to international countries. According to the International Monetary Fund, China has the world’s second-largest economy. It has become clear in recent years that tapping into China’s market can become a very lucrative decision for most businesses. There are many ways to kick off your marketing campaign overseas, and one of these strategies is to create a virtual call center or use call forwarding from your base of operations.

Having a virtual call center not only allows you to interact with consumers from all over the world, but it also has the potential to drive high profits at relatively low start-up costs. The first thing that you must do in order to utilize call forwarding and virtual call centers is to get a local Chinese phone number.

When it comes to international calling, the rates can become extremely expensive and that can cause a business to take a step back to reassess whether the risk will be worth the reward; however, utilizing the phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding will allow businesses to enjoy access to international consumers while paying local calling rates. Marketing internationally can become a costly venture if you’re not prepared to do the research. Luckily, there are businesses that make it extremely simple and cost-effective to get a Chinese phone number that can be used in America. After completing these four simple steps you will begin to enjoy access to several prosperous cities in China.

Select Your New Phone Number

Head to to begin. Enter the country (China) in which you want a new phone number, then choose which type of number you would like to have. Options include

  • Toll Free
  • National
  • Geographic
  • Mobile (with an optional SMS preference.)

Each option provides a different experience and you must choose which number you believe would work best with your business. With the geographic, mobile and national options, you can dial numbers from landlines, mobile phones, payphones, via fax transmissions and from other countries. Toll free numbers can only be dialed from landlines and fax transmissions. Once you have chosen the best mode of calling, you can choose a city, in this case Beijing, Shanghai and Tongchuan. You may have the option to choose your own number, or if you choose the toll free option you will be provided with an available 1-800 number. Enter your destination number next.

This will be the country and number from which your business is located.

Pick your Plan

Once you’ve entered your destination number you are ready to view different plans and rates.
Choose from,

  • Basic
  • Value
  • Power
  • Premium, or
  • Enterprise

Each plan varies in price and monthly minutes.

Optional Features

Add on to your plan with these smart business tools. All of these options are available for a small monthly fee in addition to your plans.

  • Rollover
  • Call Recording
  • SMS plan

Let’s explore the benefits of each of these optional features. By adding the Rollover feature, your business will never waste a minute. Any minutes that go unused automatically rollover into extra minutes for your next month of calls. If you are aware that your business oscillates between higher and lower call volume this is the right choice for you.

The next option is for call recording. This can be helpful when you need to go back and listen to important details that may have been missed or forgotten. It also helps to improve skills within your team so that you might pick out what is working and what is not during a phone call. You can choose what percentage of calls will be recorded as well as how long you would like these calls to be stored.

Additionally, you can add an SMS plan for a low monthly fee. The pricing guide is set up in the same way as the minute calling plan. SMS plans are useful as a direct way to send out information that is usually read immediately. The majority of consumers in America are already mobile customers and avid users of text messages, but in China they prefer to use voice messages. Messages that are informal and simple are customarily sent via a text message in China, but when a message is more complicated and requires details an SMS is not used. The reasoning behind why people in China prefer voice messaging is because voice messages are more personal and typing in Chinese is very difficult for the majority of their population.

Check Out

Once you have chosen your monthly plan for a Chinese phone number and have selected any additional features, you are ready to check out. Simply enter your payment information and soon you will be able to expand your product reach to over 1.3 billion potential clients.

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