how to get a uk phone number

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to launch a business or are an existing business owner looking to expand to the UK, you may be researching how to get a UK phone number.

Before starting a business in the United Kingdom (UK), it is important to become aware of British business culture. Entering into business dealings across borders with a certain level of cultural awareness is a sign of respect to counterparts in the nation you are aiming to form bonds with. Some important aspects of business etiquette in the UK may very well be extremely different from what you are already accustomed to, particularly when it comes to communication style. In order to avoid any potential miscommunications, below are some tips to keep in mind with regard to doing business in the UK.

British Business Culture

Meetings are an essential aspect of British business culture. Meetings are where ideas are discussed, challenged, and negotiated. Work processes for the future are decided during meetings. A common British workweek incorporates several meetings, as this is where any real action takes place. Decisions are typically made by a common consensus and any conflict is mostly avoided.

Meetings are most commonly scheduled far in advance, as the British place a great amount of value on punctuality. Meetings start with small talk to create a warm, inviting, and encouraging environment that supports the ability of everyone to work well together.

For business meetings, there is typically a meeting agenda that is established in advance, although additional topics can be discussed. Meetings typically involve open discussions and a free exchange of ideas by the participants. Meetings often close with a decision or a defined list of action items.

Communication is Essential

At the very center of any successful business negotiation and overall relationship in business is communication. Humor and understatements are often used in British business communication and they can be difficult to fully grasp if one is solely communicating through email. For this reason, telephone calls and in-person meetings are the most preferred. Conference calls with an option to see those you are in the meeting with are being used more and more. In order to support these types of healthy business communications, figuring out how to get a UK phone number becomes important.

A business owner is able to determine how to get a UK local phone number and add it to their website to announce an expansion to the UK. A UK phone number can also be used to remain in communication with existing and potential customers as well as clients, even prior to physically being in the UK. Starting to build relationships from afar, through the use of UK phone numbers, can greatly help business owners become more familiar with the many possibilities of conducting business in the UK while facilitating the launch of further planning phases without the initial (and often large) investment of a physical location or travel expenses.

Getting a UK Phone Number

Figuring out how to get a UK phone number when aiming to expand an existing business to the UK or launch a brand new business in the UK can essentially be the saving grace for an organization with a tight budget by helping the business owner access tools in the UK, access counsel in the UK, and build cross-border communications. This tool is essential and it is a smart and cautious way to conduct business. Even for organizations with a large budget and many assets, it is wiser to be careful with investments. Figuring out how to get a UK phone number allows an organization to essentially test the waters of conducting business in the UK before then deciding if further investment is wise and, ultimately, beneficial to the overall plan towards the success of the company.

Communication is a central aspect of business. The truth of that statement cannot be understated. Especially when crossing borders and beginning business negotiations and transactions with other nations, the understanding needed in handling business negotiations and transactions and the management of funds becomes paramount. Global Call Forwarding understands this and has specialized in the facilitating of successful global telecommunications for businesses for over two decades. Global Call Forwarding offers a solution to the dilemma of how to get a UK phone number by providing UK phone numbers to customers all over the world. Contact Global Call Forwarding global telecommunication specialists today, to discuss options for UK phone numbers as well as the many convenient features offered to complement phone communications and boost business.

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