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Our call forwarding service to local numbers allows you to have a local phone number in any of 80 countries including thousands of cities all over the world. When you receive a call to the phone number that you purchase our call forwarding service will route that local number to any number you wish. This benefit allows companies that would like to penetrate markets in other areas then they are located, publish local phone numbers for that country and have the calls forwarded to their phone without having the potential customer pay for a long distant call. Over the past decades and with the emergence of home based businesses this has become an essential part of their marketing strategy.

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Our service for call forwarding local numbers is available to customers located in any country of the world. As a customer you have many included options that come with this service. One of the features that have come very popular over the years is our Fax Forward feature. With Fax Forward you can have a fax received and routed to your email box as an image making receiving faxes simple and available at all times. Another of the popular features that offers is the ability to have calls ring to your phone numbers in a sequential order until picked up. For example; if you have phone numbers set up with us to ring first your home office line and then if no one picks up your personal cell phone will start to ring if that is not answered your call center overflow will get the call.

Personal Call forwarding local numbers for personal use is also very beneficial. If you travel often or do not want to miss calls that would normally go to your home phones answering machine you can calls forwarded to any number you would want. This could be the hotel where you are staying or your personal cell phone. To learn more about the many options and features that are available with call forwarding local numbers see the links below.

When you order your call forwarding phone number you have many local phone number choices. You can choose from a large selection of countries and cities and select a local or toll free number.

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