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Sweden virtual numbers

Ready to take your business to Sweden? Global Call Forwarding can get you set up with Sweden phone numbers. Use these numbers to connect with locals, build your local sales network, and grow your business internationally.

Phone Numbers in Sweden

The Sweden Phone Numbers are very different for those used in the US and understanding the differences is important for using phones to communicate with companies and people in Sweden.

US phone numbers are all 7 digits long. This is not true for the Sweden Phone Numbers. They can be from 5 to 10 digits long depending on the size of the city or town. Many have leading zeros which must be dialed when calling locally but must be dropped when calling Sweden Phone Number from outside of Sweden.

Country Code for Sweden Phone Numbers

Like most countries Sweden is assigned a country code for international calls. Sweden’s code is +46 or if you have a phone that does not have a + button, 0046. So to call the number 084-767-734 in Sweden from the US you would dial 011-46-84-767-734. Note that the leading 0 in the phone number is not included.

Cell Phone Numbers

In the US your cell phone number has the same format as any other phone number, i.e. 1-Area Code-Phone Number. This is not true for Sweden phone numbers for cell phones. All Sweden virtual numbers for cell phones begin with 07. When calling a cell phone number in Sweden such as 071-334-8475 from the US, dial 011-0046-71-334-8475 (or 011-+46-71-334-8475 if your phone has a + button) where 011 is the US exit code and 0046 is the country number for Sweden.

Toll Free Sweden Phone Numbers

The format of the toll free numbers in Sweden is different from those in the US and the rest of Europe. In the US the 800-series of numbers is reserved for toll free calling. These numbers function like Area Code numbers and the toll free number format is the same as regular long distance numbers.

In Sweden toll free numbers start with 02 or 0200 and the format of the International Toll Free Service is 02 xxx yyyy or 0200 xx yyyy. Just as all US residents recognize numbers beginning with an 800 series number as Toll Free numbers, all Swedish residents recognise these numbers as toll free numbers.

By getting a Swedish phone number, your business can advertise a number in Sweden that your Swedish customers can call at no cost to them. This gives your business an edge compared to businesses that do not have a Swedish phone number.

Swedish Area Codes

In the US making phone calls outside your local area requires the use of an area code. For instance if you are in New York and wish to call the number 989-5517 in Chicago, you must preface that number with 1-773 to complete the call. So what you would dial is 1-773-989-5517. The 1 indicates that it’s an out of area call and the 773 is the area code for that part of Chicago you are calling. All area codes in the US are three digits long.

Sweden Phone Numbers also use area codes but they do not all have the same number of digits. They can be 2, 3, or 4 digits long. This includes the leading 0. The larger cities have shorter area codes. For example, Stockholm’s (population about 780,000) area code is 08 while Norrtalje’s (population about 17,300) is 0176.

About Sweden

Sweden is one of the three countries comprising Scandinavia. The other two are Norway and Denmark. Scandinavia, an area in North-Western Europe, owes much of its history, culture, and language to the influence of the northern Germanic region

Sweden is a member of the European Union (EU) but, like some other EU members, it did not adopt the Euro as its currency, retaining instead, the Swedish Krona.

The Swedish economy is an export-based economy and as such, has a highly developed and sophisticated communications system. Therefore, knowledge of the use of Sweden Phone Numbers in the Swedish phone system is important for those foreign companies doing business inside or outside Sweden with Swedish companies.

The Swedish Number

Sweden is the first country in the world to have its very own telephone number, the Swedish Number. This number is +46 771 793 336. Anyone can call it from anywhere in the world. It will be answered by a Swedish person, who is essentially a representative of Sweden. The person who answers is chosen randomly by the system and not given any special training. The intent is to increase the transparency of Sweden to the world. So, if you want to know anything about Sweden, anything, call +46 771 793 336.

Get Swedish Phone Numbers

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F A Q | Sweden Phone Numbers

Sweden phone numbers are virtual numbers for the country of Sweden. Local Swedish customers and contacts can call these numbers and pay local calling rates instead of international rates.

You can get a Sweden phone number with Global Call Forwarding. We offer phone numbers for more than 160 countries around the world, including Sweden virtual numbers, toll free, national, universal toll free, and local numbers.

No, businesses located anywhere in the world can use Sweden virtual phone numbers. Using Sweden virtual phone numbers make it easy and cheap for locals to call your business no matter where it is.

Having Sweden phone numbers will make it easier for local Swedish customers and business contacts to call you, encouraging them to connect for sales, partnerships, or customer support.

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