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Giving Proper Credit to Employees and Building Trust

If customers are the backbone of any successful company, then employees are the foundation. When an employee doesn’t trust the company that they work for, then your company will not succeed. This is why building trust with your team is an important aspect of running your business. Employees do not want to give 100% to a company they do not trust. Your employees may just be giving the bare minimum not to get fired. When an employee likes the company that they work for, you will find that they are acting with more passion and enthusiasm for the job.

Building Trust within your Team

So how do you establish trust with your employees? There are plenty of steps to take to earn the trust of your employees.

1. Establish initial trust with employees
Since managers are in direct communication with their employees, the first step is to be sure that the managers are doing everything they can to establish trust with their employees. Managers can do this by just being honest with their employees. They must be effective communicators who offer help and support. Managers should not only be helpful, but they need to have a friendly and professional relationship with their team. Consider taking your team to lunch once a week to establish a better connection.

2. Engage your employees
The easiest way to get to know your team is to ask them questions. That’s all it takes. Once you open up communication, you can begin building trust in your relationships. If you’re not sure how to establish communication with members of your team, ask them what you can do to be better. Take this feedback and then acknowledge and act upon it.

3. Listen to your team
Now that you are getting good at asking your employees about what they feel and want, you must listen to what your employees are answering. In this regard, you must take a more in-depth look, because more often than not, your employees will sugar-coat things with surface-level conversations. It is your job as the manager to dive deeper into these conversations and find out what it is your employees are too shy to ask for.

Building Trust with your Team
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4. Respect your employees
Don’t try to scare your employees with surprise reviews. If you have something serious to discuss with an employee, let them know that it is coming so they have time to prepare. Schedule your time with employees so that way you’re not bursting in on an important project they’re working on with bad news. It is better for the overall health of your business to be completely transparent with your employees.

5. Let your team know that you trust them
An easy way to show your team that you are building trust in them is to give them a project and let them run with it. If you don’t believe they could do a difficult task without your help, start with an easy task. Try not to micromanage their lives and you’ll find that once you start showing trust to your team, they will begin to demonstrate confidence in return.

6. Treat them like humans
When you’re a manager, you may come off as intimidating to your employees without even realizing it. Although you want to maintain a reasonable amount of respect, don’t forget to show that you’re a human too. Little things like making eye contact, greeting your employees every day and listening to them can make a big difference.

7. Build up your team
Show that you have confidence in your employees by taking an interest in your employees’ personal lives. Of course, this must be done on a respectful and professional level, but it’s important to know when your employees may be struggling so you can provide support during these times. For example, if you recognize that one of your employees is going through a divorce or is having another issue at home, you might notice that it is affecting their work performance. When you can provide sympathy and take an interest in their personal lives during these downtimes your employees will feel supported and ready to give their all again. On the other side, when things are going well, don’t forget to celebrate!

Secrets of Using a Toll Free Number to Boost Your Business Calls

Do you have a toll free number for your business? If you do, then are you using it to its full potential? Toll-free numbers can benefit your business in numerous ways, and most importantly, they can boost your business calls.

Smartphones ended the era where we memorized phone numbers. If people are no longer memorizing phone numbers of loved ones, do you think that they will remember the phone numbers of businesses? Definitely not. A company that relies on phone calls to find new customers could suffer from these problems if they are not using a toll-free number in their marketing strategy.

The digital age had a very quick rise to the top, and many businesses shelled out a lot of cash to increase their search rankings or spent a lot of time trying to find followers on social media. Many companies realized that marketing online is not easy and have now turned back to traditional channels of marketing. Currently, there are more radio, print, and TV ads because they are secure means to measure ROI. Broadcast, print, and television can help to get your name out to potential customers, but if you’re looking for callers, then they need to get your phone number, too.

Making Your Business Number Memorable

So, how will a potential customer remember your phone number when they won’t even bother to memorize their mother’s phone number? The answer is with a vanity number!

A vanity number is the best way to get a customer to remember your phone number. Vanity numbers are toll-free numbers that use the letters that are placed on a phone’s keypad to spell out something related to your business. For example, if you are a baker, you might use 1-800-COOKIES. Vanity numbers stand out among the crowd and don’t look funny printed on an ad or spoken about on television. Many successful companies will attach a jingle to their vanity phone numbers when advertising on radio and television as a new way to help commit the phone number to people’s memories.

Using a Toll Free Number for Business
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Vanity Numbers Have Seen a Rise in Popularity

Vanity numbers are gaining popularity again because they are so simple to remember and can be used anywhere. If you’re driving past a billboard, you can memorize a vanity number, or if you’re listening to a radio ad, you can memorize a vanity number. Vanity numbers and toll-free phone numbers have always been an excellent choice for businesses, but the recent gain in popularity means that the best names are going fast, so don’t wait to secure the best vanity number for your business.

Make it Easy for Customers to Contact Your Company Using a Toll Free Number

Customers do not want to put in work to contact your business. And why should they? It is your job as an excellent company to make it easy for them to get into contact with your business. Your company should advertise its number in as many places as possible so that it is not hard for your customers to find it. It can be very frustrating for customers when they can’t find a way to contact a business. Once they find your number, make sure that you are available for their calls at any time of the day. Toll-free vanity numbers are also beneficial to customers because it does not cost them anything to call a company. A customer probably won’t choose your business if they have to pay to get in touch with you when they can call another business for free.
Vanity and toll-free numbers are also great for credibility. A customer will assume a company that uses a toll-free number is a large company or corporation, but in reality toll, free phone numbers are so affordable that any size business, whether it is a very small start-up or a large corporation, can afford to get one. If you are working from your kitchen table, you can still have the same credibility that a Fortune 500 company has, and that ability will give you the edge over your competition.

The Excitement of Starting a Business

Are you thinking about turning your business idea into a reality? While many business professionals caution that new entrepreneurs are in for a lot of hard work and suffering, the truth of the matter is that starting a business is exciting. In fact, starting your own business can be fun and empowering. It helps you achieve income and self-actualization that you never believed was possible.

Of course, starting a business on a good path requires the right tools. That’s why Global Call Forwarding is the right choice to keep your business growing and maintaining the positive vibe that can help get your business off the ground. In this article, we’ll cover a number of ways that Global Call Forwarding’s telecom services can help make your business as exciting as possible.

Being Professional

It needs to be said: being a professional gives you status. Having that status gives you a healthy ego boost; confidence counts for a whole lot and it certainly helps to have measurable personal goals that demonstrate your accomplishments. The truth about business is that you legitimize your idea when you offer it to customers and businesses, so the feeling of pride is hard-won and it results in personal achievement.

With Global Call Forwarding, you can help make your business more professional in a number of ways. First, your business can use toll-free numbers to create a geographically-agnostic appeal that shows that your business is ready to meet the demands of consumers across the nation. Furthermore, Global Call Forwarding offers toll-free numbers in other countries that have the same capabilities as domestic toll-free numbers. These numbers are known as ITFS numbers, or International Toll-Free Service numbers. By using and displaying these phone numbers throughout your marketing materials and advertising, you’ll convey to other people that your business is an entity that helps satisfy each customers’ needs.

Scaling Your Business with Global Call Forwarding

One of the most exciting experiences a business owner can encounter is the feeling of growth. When your business grows faster than you keep up with, measures will have to put into motion to handle the demand. In business-speak, this is called “scale.” And scaling your business to accommodate more customers with better service is the name of the game when it comes to doing business in our modern global economy.

Luckily, Global Call Forwarding offers services that can help your business achieve the potential that it deserves with virtual phone numbers, a cloud-based technology that enables your business to reach new markets instantaneously. With availability in over 140 countries around the world, you can gain the notoriety of a business that has established itself as a global enterprise. For instance, your business can be headquartered in one country but be able to create a presence in any target market around the world.

And for businesses that are just starting out, you should know that Global Call Forwarding has a number of payment plans that can accommodate large enterprises and small businesses, with the option to change service plans as your business grows. Best of all, the minutes that you don’t use can be saved as rollover minutes, meaning that the money you paid gets recycled at the start of each month.

Starting a Business Phone Man Dialing Keypad
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Add-ons and Functionalities that Transform Your Business Model

Business models shift over time, but the enthusiasm for running your business should always be positive. And the best way to maintain this positive energy when running your business model is by taking advantage of virtual phone number add-ons from Global Call Forwarding.

“Time of day routing,” one of the most popular add-ons for emerging businesses, enables your business to divert inbound calls to other locations, phone numbers, and voicemails depending on when the call is placed. By using time of day routing, your business can have a 24-hour, 7-days-per-week, 365 days/ year accessibility that elevates your business model to the next tier.
Using “failover forwarding” enables your business to practically guarantee that any inbound call is answered by a staff member. Essentially, when failover forwarding is enabled, instead of hearing a busy signal, the phone call will get routed to the next available phone number to ensure the call is answered without frustration for the caller.

Similarly, there is the add-on known as “simultaneous ringing” that can also guarantee that each customer that calls your business is handled as soon as possible. When a call is placed to your virtual phone number, all devices linked to that phone number will ring at the same time. This makes it much less likely that customers will not have the opportunity to speak with a company representative – or even worse, go in search of a competitor due to an inability to reach a representative. And, simultaneous ringing also has the benefit of bringing your team together, where employees feel connected to handle the volume of customers in a concerted effort.

Building a Business When You’re Broke

It has never been easier to build a business than now. However, starting a business when you have a lack of capital is as difficult as it has ever been. Or, is it? The truth is that businesses that may not have money on hand can substitute clever methods to their advantage. And one popular way that savvy entrepreneurs are doing this is by leveraging technology from Global Call Forwarding.
In this article, we will cover some of the many ways that cash-strapped entrepreneurs can take their business ideas into the real world and begin earning profits to jumpstart your endeavors with Global Call Forwarding.

Minimum Viable Product

With startups, there is the concept of developing something called the “minimum viable product,” or MVP. The MVP is a bare-bones product or service that consumers would be willing to pay for. Of course, it isn’t the finished product, but then again, there are relatively few products or services that don’t require periodic updates in design, pricing structure, and so forth.
The beauty of an MVP is that they don’t necessarily require a lot of upfront capital or hard work from the get-go. Simply putting up a beta version of your product can be good enough for a starting business. Of course, you will continue to work on your products and services in the meantime, but MVPs can bring in sources of revenue that can indicate which direction you need to build your business in order to meet market demand.

When you’re ready to put a product out to begin learning how it is received by the market, an MVP is crucial to hitting the ground running. However, the best way to receive feedback is over the phone. With Global Call Forwarding’s virtual phone numbers, available in over 140 countries around the world, you can gain valuable feedback in hyper-specific markets (with Local Access Numbers) or nationally (with Toll-Free Numbers, International Toll-Free Service Numbers, and Universal International Freephone Numbers). Customers who can tell you how to improve your MVP are your business’ built-in R&D department, offering clues to what customers actually want (not what you originally envisioned that would meet market demands).

Fake it ‘Til You Make it

In business, it is often emphasized that your business should pretend to be more experienced and competent than it actually might be. The reason for this is that most consumers are only interested in the final product; if you can deliver that, you’re in business.

One way businesses do this is by appearing larger and more professional than they actually are. It may seem deceptive, but the reality is that most businesses engage in some form of ambiguity. For instance, you may have noticed that when you contact your bank, the person on the other end of the line may be an outsourced employee that handles low-level transactions and provides advice that may be monotonous for key staff members.

Outsourcing isn’t relegated to just larger enterprises with cash to burn. In our modern times, virtual communication has made it accessible for nearly any person engaging in business. The best way to do this is through the use of virtual phone numbers from Global Call Forwarding, which can route inbound calls made to your phone number and have them answered in another location altogether. The service only costs pennies on the dollar, which can free up more of your time to work on value-building endeavors that can help you build your business. Best of all, when it comes time to really scale your business and actualize what you initially “faked,” you’ll have the valuable experience, protocols, and infrastructure already set up.

Opening Up Lines of Communication

Global Call Forwarding’s telecom services are powered through cloud computing technologies like VoIP. Because of the instantaneous communication that’s possible across countries and regions, your fledgling business can immediately access businesses and customers in any market that you want to. In the past, it was required that businesses had to invest in creating a brick & mortar presence in a new area – meaning that your business would have to pay for hiring new staff, leasing property, requisite fees, and taxes to other countries/states/municipalities, and so forth. All of that is potentially risky for new, cash-strapped businesses operating on minimal resources.

Building Your Business Communication Strategy Teamwork Meeting O#23559 – ID#100151403092

However, in our new global economy, this is no longer true, thanks to the advent of virtual offices and virtual locations. And one key element of a virtual office is enabling communication with your customers. Of course, calling abroad presents its own set of problems, namely blockages from service providers and exorbitant long distance fees.

That’s where virtual phone numbers come into the picture. Virtual phone numbers can be dialed like any domestic phone number, which means that you can avoid the aforementioned long-distance fees and service blockages – or even those that may not know how to dial outside of their home country. This means that your business can gain access to new customers around the world without having to build your business in the traditional way. Best of all, virtual phone numbers are significantly cheaper than building and maintaining a brick & mortar presence, which saves your business in overheads. If you are interested in subscribing to our virtual phone number service, chat with us online or call us at (888) 908 6171.