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The once agriculture dominated country known as the Philippines has come a long way and evolved to become a more diverse economy. You can see glimpses of this if you watch the movie The Bourne Legacy. The Philippines has become somewhat of an industrial mecca! A perfect place for Philippines virtual call center.

Industrialization and the service sector have been major contributors to the growth in its economy, which now is the 39th largest in the world.

HSBC projects the Philippines to be the largest economy in the South East Asian region by 2050. It is also a country full of talent and surprises. Philippines Airlines is Asia’s oldest scheduled carrier and is still in operation! The country’s beautiful damsels won three times in the Miss Universe pageant, and karaoke was invented here!

Over the years, the country’s infrastructure and lifestyle, as well as spending habits, have dramatically changed, making it one of the most fertile lands for foreign investments. If you plan on setting up a new business, you might benefit greatly by doing so in the Philippines.

3 Reasons to Start a Business in the Philippines

  • Business registration is simple – Horror stories of bureaucratic red tape are no longer a cause for concern! Even non-locals can register their firm and get approval in just 15 days from the acceptance of documents.
  • Locals speak English – The country’s literacy rate is 97.5 percent, and most locals can speak understandable business English, making it easy to not just set up a business but also hire skilled employees. You can hire a young, educated, and globally competitive workforce for your business in the Philippines.
  • Liberalized, trade-oriented economy – The Philippines allows for BOT investment formula like its neighboring countries. Most public departments have been privatized, and industries like shipping, insurance, telecommunications, power, and banking sectors have been deregulated. The corporate income tax has been reduced to 32%, but the local labor rates are very low, and SEZ s are subjected to just 5% overall tax rates.

Setting up a business is no easy task. It calls for a large one-time investment and a lot of planning and execution. Do not enable the cost of setting up an office in a foreign land dampen your spirits, instead flip the switch for services like a Philippines call center!

Reasons to use a Virtual Call Center

According to a recent study of call center trends, more than 80% of small and medium-sized businesses have several virtual agents working from home. Using a virtual call center for your business will be beneficial in more than one way.

No up-front costs

Using a virtual call center saves you a lot of money that needs to be spent on local server hosting, infrastructure, equipment, all of which require a large lump-sum investment.

Easy installation and relocation

Since all configurations are made on the cloud, you need a simple phone connection and nothing more. This not only saves installation time but also does not call for running wires for each line!

Saves space

A Philippines virtual call center allows your agents to work from home, leaving more space in your office space for other activities. It also allows your business to employ skilled agents and employees who might not be able to work from an office set up, such as disabled people or work-from-home moms.

Using one system in multiple locations

By having your call center hosted or in other words, choosing a Philippines call center, your employees no longer need to be in your office in order to connect to the system. This allows you to have multiple off-site offices in various cities across the country and even offshore countries. This also allows you to extend your hours of support by hiring agents in different time zones.

Round the clock IT support

Any type of office establishment calls for equipment that requires installation, configuration, and the inevitable maintenance. Troubleshooting and updating the system and equipment will also need to be done on a regular basis. This means you will need dedicated IT support employees or will need to pay for outsourced IT support. With a Philippines virtual call center, you get round the clock technical help at no added expense.


Just making and receiving calls is not enough to keep up with your competitors in the field. It is important that your Call Center must also offer chat, email, fax, texting, conferencing and screen sharing solutions alongside telephonic communication. All this and more is possible when you opt for a Philippines Virtual call center that can be easily linked to most business platforms, such as CRM, billing systems, collaboration platforms, ERP, and so forth.

Philippines Virtual Call Center Benefits

Helps improve customer service: Highly customizable reporting functions and call monitoring options allow you not just to set, but also monitor and consistently meet your SLAs.

Simplifies operations

Philippines’ virtual call centers are very easy to deploy and run and changes can be made easily. This way you can spend more time servicing your customers rather than figuring out complex VoIP configuration.

Allows you to expand operations

With the Philippines virtual call center selection, you can now start small and gradually grow with the many scalable solutions and the pay-as-you-use packages.
Contact us today, for details on the many Philippines virtual call center packages that you can choose from!

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