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Bio: Benjamin Roussey is from Sacramento, CA. His bachelor’s degree is from CSUS (1999) where he played on a baseball pitching scholarship and he holds an MBA in Global Management from the Univ. of Phoenix (2006). In addition to his education, he completed 4 years in the US Navy. Benjamin has worked in many different areas; from small businesses to large corporations, as well as for public agencies. He also has lived and worked in South Korea and Saudi Arabia as an ESL instructor. What sets Benjamin apart from many other writers is his tremendous work ethic, and his ability to remain quite focused. Presently, he writes professionally for several clients that cover various sectors of our economy, and he lives in the Phoenix, AZ area. He enjoys sports, movies, reading, and current events when he is not working online.

Posts by Benjamin Roussey:

Facebook Targeting The Younger Generation With Their New Messenger App

Every parent’s worst nightmare just came true, thanks to Facebook. With the social media giant launching their latest app targeted at children as young as six, there have been huge debates around the world. While most technology companies do not usually make products with children under 13 in mind, Facebook hopes to be the first [Continue Reading]

The Importance of Updating Your Software

Your computer software is never the same for long. Whether you use Windows or Mac, software updates should be expected every few weeks, and you most likely know all about those annoying pop-up messages alerting you to upgrade. This gets annoying and frustrating for many when trying to do the simplest things like sending an [Continue Reading]

Surviving Long Days Working at Your Desk

Working at a desk all day long does not seem physically taxing at first. You are only sitting, right? Yes, but sitting for hours at a stretch comes with its own share of drawbacks. And we all know, being sedentary is far more dangerous than being active. It eventually leads to our bodies being incapable [Continue Reading]

Make Your Landline Smarter: Activate SMS on Your Landline

With changing times come changing requirements and changing technology. There was once a time when phone communication was the only means to contact another individual or business. Long-distance communication was expensive and beyond the reach of most people.   Small and medium businesses couldn’t afford to invest in long-distance communication either. Only big enterprises with [Continue Reading]

Mobile Providers With The Best And Worst Customer Service

When you have a mobile phone connection, you know you’re going to have to resort to calling customer service at some point. It could be for information related to your account or for help with an issue, but what you always seek from your wireless carrier is prompt and accurate service. However, when it comes [Continue Reading]

How to Port a Phone Number From Vonage

Number portability is a service that allows you to transfer your phone connection from one provider to another, without changing your phone number. Instead of being stuck with the same old service provider you can instead upgrade to a better provider while keeping your existing phone number. This is the major difference between switching to [Continue Reading]

Top Reasons Why International Medical Tourists Prefer Calling Toll-Free

It goes without saying that Asia is slowly turning into a major hub for medical tourism. Over the last decade, certain locations such as India, Singapore, the UAE, South Korea, and Thailand have emerged as the leading countries to promote medical tourism. Moreover, most hospitals and medical clinics in the aforementioned countries have launched their [Continue Reading]