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Bio: Jomo Abdul is a freelance writer and has been writing since the age of nine, and his long-term dream and goal is to ultimately use this skills to be a writer, producer and director. He has written six feature-length screenplays, two short-length screenplays, and a coming-of-age novel. A passionate writer with 6+ years of experience in the industry, writing for various print and online media, Jomo has written both here in the United States and overseas in Great Britain. For the past year he has been working as a journalist and copywriter, gaining experience writing in various styles for numerous target audiences on topics such as politics, business, and general news and world events. Jomo has a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology, Master's Degree in School Counseling, and is currently a graduate student pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Instructional Leadership at Argosy University in Chicago, Ill along with an Educational Specialist Degree at the University of Missouri at Columbia, Mo.

Posts by Jomo Meritt:

How to send Bulk SMS Messages

There was a time when it seemed like the whole world was just chatting away on their phones. Now, suddenly seems like nobody is saying anything. Instead, they’re writing endlessly on little numerical cushions, utilizing their mobile phones to send snappy messages. It is almost like they have a mini typewriter. The marvel SMS, or [Continue Reading]

Call Recording Laws

Are you interested in recording a phone call with someone? Did you know it might not be that easy, depending on where you live? Yep, that’s true: whipping out your phone and pressing record may not be entirely legal in all situations. For example, if the jurisdiction you are living in says that you must [Continue Reading]

10 of the Best Vanity Phone Numbers

Are you be considering a vanity number for your company? This might be a very good business move. Why? Well, a vanity number is not just an ordinary number. In fact, it will not just help your business sound more qualified, but it will also look more qualified as it bears a number that is [Continue Reading]

Donald Trump’s Oval Office Telephones

The Oval Office is the authorized office of the President of the United States. It is situated in the West Wing of the White House Complex. However, another famous guy is sitting right there as we speak. His name is President Donald Trump. On January 20, he was officially named the 45th leader of the [Continue Reading]