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How to buy an Asia phone number online.
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Expanding to Asia is the goal for many businesses across the world. Asia is affordable and there is easy access to capital and low manufacturing costs. The region is at the forefront of technological advances, which the region attractive to business owners of all kinds. Asia is home to numerous thriving markets, making it the ideal location for businesses aiming to expand. One of the easiest ways to begin expanding into Asia is through using virtual Asia phone numbers.

What is an Asia Virtual Phone Number?

One natural first step when establishing one’s business in Asia is to get an Asia virtual phone number. Your first question may be, “Well, what is an Asia virtual phone number?” It is a phone number that is local in Asia but works through the use of the Internet. So, there is no need for a landline in Asia to help the phone number operate.

How do Asian Virtual Numbers work?

Virtual numbers are operated via the cloud. They run over the internet. A business based in the United States, for example, can have an Asia virtual phone number that they post to their website and other marketing materials when expanding to Asia. A popular feature to use with virtual phone numbers is the call routing feature. You can set it up so that calls made to your Asia virtual phone number can be received at a call center in the U.S., a support desk in EMEA, or anywhere else. You can imagine how useful this is when expanding to Asia and supporting callers 24/7.

Most Popular Country Originations

We have a large inventory of virtual phone numbers in Asia. Some of the most popular country originations in Asia and numbers types are as follows:

This is just a small segment of our larger service offering. All of these number types are available without any commitment. There are only minimal know-your-customer documentation requirements, in some instances, in order to get started.

How to Register an Asian Number

Global Call Forwarding offers local and international toll-free numbers for Asia, as well as over 160 countries across the globe. Here is how you can register an account with us:

  1. Go to the Global Call Forwarding homepage.
  2. Select a country in Asia from the dropdown menu for countries.
  3. Then, select whether you want the phone number to be local or toll-free.
  4. Next, enter the destination you would like calls routed to. The destination can be a landline, mobile phone, web application, or SIP server.
  5. Select any additional features you would like to add. Many service features are already included in the plans.

The process from there is simple; just follow the prompts and purchase your number. In many cases, businesses will have the option to have a free trial for 15 days to test out the service.

Asia Phone Number
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Most Common Types of Asia Phone Numbers

Having an Asia phone number allows you to communicate with your new target market and establish yourself locally without physically having to be there. Along with saving on travel costs, you save by not having to set up a physical location in Asia. They also allow for much flexibility with call routing and other features that work well for business owners. The cost of a virtual phone number is comparatively lower than the cost of a landline service, as well.

Expanding a Business Internationally with an Asian phone number

The dream of almost every small business owner is to grow beyond borders. However, this can include many challenges and business owners should make sure they are prepared. There are language barriers and time differences as well as many other factors that come into play. For a business to sustain itself on a worldwide scale, it needs a solid staff that understands the brand. This allows for important developments, such as global expansion, to stay constant across cultures.

Some key points to keep in mind include developing a firm foundation, expanding your vision for the brand, consulting with global business expansion experts, and penetrating markets effectively with the right technology and marketing strategy.

With all of the advantages listed above, getting an Asia virtual phone number for your business is the best option. Global Call Forwarding offers many customizations and an overall very versatile service. Contact us today to get Asia virtual numbers for your business.

F A Q | Asia Phone Number

An Asia virtual phone number runs on an internet connection instead of a landline. It uses the internet to make and receive calls to and from Asia. With an Asia phone number, you can have Asian customers call your business for free or inexpensive rates, irrespective of your business location.

An Asia phone number helps you create a local presence in Asia and connect with local residents, contacts, and businesses effectively. Calls coming from Asia are forwarded to a number or line of choice, located anywhere in the world. This helps you expand your business’ reach without incurring exorbitant international calling fees.

If you want to expand business operations, sales, and customer service to Asian countries, then getting an Asia phone number can be of great use. An Asia phone number makes your business accessible and reachable to Asian residents and local businesses. And it does so without tremendously increasing your monthly phone bill.

Global Call Forwarding offers Asia phone numbers as well as virtual numbers for more than 160 countries the worldover.

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