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inbound call management software
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Advanced Call Management for Business

An inbound call management software (an inbound call center solution) brings advanced call features to your small business. Use these cloud telephony solutions and tools to handle incoming calls effectively and improve caller experience. Inbound call management software is an ideal business phone service solution for BPOs, call centers, customer service centers, and answering services.

With effective call management, you can reduce time spent waiting or on hold, being transferred to the wrong department, or distributing calls unevenly across agents.

Why is Inbound Call Management Important?

Any business with a high inbound call volume needs to pay attention to how calls are handled and how customers are directed within the phone system. This way, you can distribute calls evenly across agents, route calls to backup centers when needed, and offer reliable service. Better call management leads to responsive customer service and happy customers.

Benefits of an Inbound Call Management Software

With inbound call management software, your small business can:

  • Route calls effectively using advanced call routing
  • Improve call management and handling
  • Design effective call flows to distribute calls effectively
  • Connect local in-office, remote, and global teams through one centralized hub
  • Adopt a follow the sun support model and offer 24/7 customer support
  • Access various premium call features
  • Set up global inbound service numbers
  • Get real-time call data, monitoring, and reporting.
Call Management Software Features

The main reason to get and use an inbound call management software is the access to advanced call features such as:

check Advanced Call Routing
Route calls to different numbers and locations based on pre-determined routing rules.
check Interactive Voice Response
Automated voice response to greet callers, identify the purpose of the call, and assist them accordingly..
check Call Flow Builder
Build call flows to manage incoming calls and improve caller experience.
check Cloud Phone Numbers
Choose from local and international toll-free numbers from more than 160 countries globally.
check SIP Trunking
Reliable and high voice quality and redundancy with SIP trunks.
check Softphone
Web-based phone to make and receive calls from any device and location.
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How to Get Inbound Call Management Software?

Your business can get inbound call management services with Global Call Forwarding. We offer cloud phone numbers along with a wide range of call management features and tools. Whether your teams are located in-house, remote, or spread globally, we can help set up a reliable business communication system.

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