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Italy is located in Western Europe. The country has a long Mediterranean coastline and has been very influential throughout Europe with its cuisine and culture. The capital city is Rome, which is also home to the Vatican; the headquarters of the Catholic Church. Other major Italian cities include Venice and Milan.

Italy’s climate varies considerably in the northern and southern regions. The northern regions, from the Alps to the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, have a harsh climate with extremely cold winters and summers that are hot and humid. Central Italy enjoys a milder climate with less seasonal temperature difference. In southern Italy, spring and summer temperatures are similar to summer temperatures in Central regions and the winter months are relatively mild.

Italy has a population of over 62 million people. The nation’s official language is Italy, which is spoken by around 93 percent of inhabitants. There are many regional dialects throughout the country including Sicilian, Neapolitan, Venetian, and Sardinian.

Italian culture is steeped in food, music, the arts, and architecture. The family also plays an extremely important role in Italian culture, particularly the extended family. Italian families hold frequent gatherings and children are raised to stay close to their family throughout adulthood.

Italy’s Economy

Italy has the third largest economy in the Eurozone and the eight largest in the world. The nation is also the eighth largest exporter in the world. It has close trade ties with the other countries in the European Union as well as the United States. After WWII, Italy shifted from an agrarian economy to an industrialized nation and a global leader in world trade. Italy enjoys a very high standard of living and quality of life.
Italy is home to the world’s third-largest gold reserve. It is also well-known throughout the world for its thriving business economics sector, a competitive agricultural sector, and a large manufacturing sector. Italy’s northern regions are home to textiles, food, machinery, steel, iron. and clothing industries. The less prosperous southern regions are mainly agricultural. The main exports from the south are olive oil, wine, beverages, and clothing. Because of this industrial divide, there is an economic gap between north and south. The south also suffers high unemployment among men and young people.

Italy’s present economy suffers from several problems. Although the country saw a strong GDP growth in 1945-1990, the past twenty years have shown average growth rates below the European Union average. Additionally, Italy experienced a recession during the late 2000s. This inertia in economic growth along with increased government spending has led to a severe rise I public debt.

Doing Business in Italy

Italians are friendly people who welcome foreigners to their country. This makes Italy a great country for expanding your overseas company. The easiest and most economical way to do so is by purchasing Italy phone numbers. When you choose Global Call Forwarding as your virtual international calling service, you will get local Italy phone numbers that your Italian customers can use to call you, wherever in the world your company is based.

Because our Italy virtual numbers are local, your callers will not feel intimidated by using an international number, nor will they have to pay expensive international call rates to talk to you. We can redirect your calls to your preferred number; it doesn’t matter whether it’s your office line, your customer service call center or your mobile phone. We can even direct calls to multiple numbers so you’ll never miss a call.

How Italy Phone Numbers Help Your Business

Virtual Italy phone numbers save you money because you don’t need to purchase dedicated hardware. Global Call Forwarding offers an easy and efficient way to manage your business calls wherever in the world you are located. With virtual Italy phone numbers, your Italian customers will think that you have a physical presence in their country.

This will give them more confidence in your products and services and will serve to boost your client base. Global Call Forwarding also offers a set of customizable features along with our service, so that you can get extra value and even more benefits like global ringtones, customer greetings, simultaneous call forwarding, call recording, and voicemail forwarding via email.

Why Choose Global Call Forwarding for Italy phone numbers?

You can have confidence in our Italy phone numbers and additional features because we have been providing global virtual phone numbers for over a decade. As a foremost supplier of local and toll-free numbers throughout the U.S. and international markets, we have thousands of loyal companies all over the world. We provide services to small businesses and multi-national corporations, so you know you can rely on us. Contact us today, and we will set you up with a free trial so you can see for yourself how virtual Italy phone numbers can help your business grow.

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