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The Secret to Having a Virtual Staff Without the Expensive Salaries

Running a small business, or even a home business, is no easy task. There are multiple areas that need attention in order for a business to be successful. You need a strong leader at the top, someone who can make tough decisions and inspire others. Strong financial planning to make sure the business is making money is essential. You also need skilled sales and marketing staff to create and deliver your key messages. Often, solo entrepreneurs find themselves filling the roles of CEO, CFO, Director of Marketing, Sales Manager as well as others like the Shipping Clerk, and even the Receptionist. In fact there are many supporting roles that help a business run successfully. Unfortunately, when most entrepreneurs are starting out they simply don’t have the resources to pay all of these salaries.

Unlike the venture capital-backed silicon valley start-ups that dominate the technology blogs, most home business owners rely on affordable solutions that focus on efficiency and multi-tasking. At Global Call Forwarding we like to think we provide a virtual office solution that assists business owners in fulfilling some of these roles.

The Rock Star Receptionist

Everyone knows the stereotype about the nightmare receptionist that shows up late, talks back, and is just an all round pain. The Global Call Forwarding customized greeting feature is like having a receptionist that answers your calls 24/7. Your calls are always answered politely and professionally, whether you work out of an office space, your home office, or even your mother’s basement. The Global Call Forwarding virtual receptionist never takes a break, never misses a call, and she’ll never make your spouse jealous!

The Ambitious First Assistant

We all wish we could afford a personal assistant. For business owners, one of the biggest challenges is prioritizing messages. There is nothing more non-productive than getting stuck on the phone with a pesky telemarketer or even that college buddy who just wants to complain about his cubicle farm job. With voicemail to email, Global Call Forwarding is like a First Assistant who doesn’t mind listening to all your voicemails and sending them to you via text or email. Say goodbye to long-winded and irrelevant voicemail messages and hello to more time focusing on what’s important.

The Genius Business Partner

Every small business owner dreams of expansion. Watch the looks on people’s faces when you show them your new business card with offices in Beverly Hills, Chicago, and Manhattan. With Global Call Forwarding as your business partner, you can add local business numbers to your account and forward them to your voice mail system. Add as many local or toll free numbers as you want.

The No BS Office Manager

Taking a call from your chatty mother-in-law or a pushy vendor during your busy day can take a toll on your productivity. Like a good Office Manager, Global Call Forwarding screens your calls and makes sure the important ones get through to you. The advanced IVR feature is there to keep you on track and help make the most of your valuable time.

For far less than the price of land line phone service through your local carrier, and even less than the cost of a business lunch, your Global Call Forwarding service is there to work for you.

What other services help you work more efficiently?