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The Benefits of Buying Local Phone Numbers in Bulk

Bulk Phone Numbers Are a Smart Addition to Any Business.

They give your business an authentic presence in particular target markets and make your company more accessible to individuals in local and international areas. Given the fact that your business needs a new phone number for each targeted area, the need to get bulk toll free numbers is a high-priority. Therefore, the more that you purchase in bulk, the greater the benefits for your business.

Let’s take a look at the many benefits that come with using bulk local numbers from Global Call Forwarding, including:

  • Tracking Marketing Efforts
  • Easy Access for Your Customers
  • Improving Regional Marketing Efforts
  • Streamlining Your Business
  • Cost-Effective Global Business Expansion
  • Utilizing Advanced Features to Remain Competitive

Track Marketing Efforts

By using multiple local numbers, you can track where the majority of calls are coming from. For instance, with the intuitive dashboard from Global Call Forwarding, you gain insight into how effective your advertising campaigns are. Additionally, you can also view the effect of regional marketing campaigns, which appeal to different target demographics. Most importantly, armed with this insight, you can make more intelligent decisions about marketing, distribution, and more.

Easy Access for Your Customers

When using localized phone numbers in international markets, you make it easy for customers to contact you. In other words, there are no long-distance fees, no service blockages, and no issues when dialing out of the country. That is to say, bulk local numbers consolidate particular regions and open up communication there. For instance, purchasing bulk local numbers in Europe can facilitate communication between countries that ordinarily have restricted access or require separate SIM cards for callers.

Improve Regional Marketing Efforts

Each domestic market that your business wants to interact with has an inherent bias towards domestic businesses. Having a presence in multiple markets but differentiating each one with a local number is a valuable asset to your company.

For example, the United States is a country comprised of 50 states, 16 territories, and the District of Columbia (a federal district). To get adequate coverage, you may want to purchase a local phone number for the major cities of the U.S. For larger organizations, you can buy local phone numbers for each state/territory to ingratiate your business.

Streamline Your Business

The routing capabilities of virtual phone numbers can sum up all of the bulk phone numbers and redirect them to one destination phone number. This means that you don’t have to constantly switch between numbers or constantly redirect inbound calls.

Further, using an add-on like simultaneous ringing ensures that all connected phone numbers ring to multiple devices. Whether your employees use a laptop, headset, softphone, and more, inbound calls are streamlined. This is valuable for providing customer service as fast as possible, never leaving a potential call unanswered.

Cost-Effective Global Business Expansion

It has never been easier to grow your business than buying local phone numbers in bulk. From emerging startups to established enterprises, bulk local phone numbers immediately give your business a presence in whatever market you’re looking to penetrate. Simply choose a local phone number, advertise it to your audience, and begin to receive calls.

Furthermore, there’s no need for opening up a branch office in a new area, which has been an insurmountable barrier for many SMBs and startups. With bulk local phone numbers, your business can save time and resources to focus on other aspects of your organization

Utilizing Advanced Features to Stay Competitive

The bottom line is, when you purchase bulk local numbers with Global Call Forwarding, you’re gaining the ability to use advanced tech in your business model. Likewise, we offer businesses and individuals a wide range of add-ons and features that can revolutionize how you compete in your industry. For example, some of these include:

Buying Phone Numbers in Bulk is a Good Idea

Global Call Forwarding can help your business get bulk local numbers hassle-free. Consequently, the process is 100% online and/or with the assistance of our expert representatives. Above all, if your organization is still on the fence about getting bulk local free numbers, consider the benefits of having them and contact us today!