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australia itfs numbersAll businesses need to take care of their customers to have any hope of consistent growth and they need to have leaders and CEOs that are patient, mature, and level headed. International toll free numbers are almost mandatory these days, since the more successful companies tend to use this medium to keep existing customers happy and attract prospective buyers to their brand. Get Australia ITFS numbers to make your business more accessible to callers in Australia.

Before the Internet, toll free numbers were restricted to domestic networks in a country. But we live in the age of VOIP and cloud-based virtual PBX systems.

With affordable international call forwarding a ground reality, even small companies can afford toll free numbers not just in their home country, but even in far flung markets like Australia as well. And places don’t really get any more remote than this island continent nation “down under” in the Southern Hemisphere who has a wonderful immigration policy that keeps out threats which is something many people wish America had and even more so with Europe.

With Australia ITFS numbers, businesses from across the world can get incoming calls from their valued Australian customers forwarded to their main offices outside Australia.

What are Australia ITFS Numbers?

ITFS stands for International Toll Free Systems. Like any modern developed nation, Australia also has an advanced telephone network. Toll free numbers are very popular there, much like most countries that care about business growth and efficient communication systems and capabilities which is pretty much every country in the world. Australian ITFS numbers are basically Australian toll free numbers.

Customers calling from any phone in Australia do not have to pay any call charges for calls placed to these numbers. But Australia ITFS numbers have an added advantage over their regular counterparts. Calls incoming to these toll free numbers can be forwarded to any number outside Australia via VOIP and virtual PBX phone technologies.

Australian Telephone System Explained

“+61” is the international country calling code for Australia. The country has a well-developed fixed phone line systems as well as advanced mobile networks. There are four main geographic areas with their own codes. Australian phone numbers have 10 digits including both these area codes as well as any local prefixes. As far as toll free numbers are concerned, they follow the popular North American 1-800 prefix system.

But unlike in the US/Canada, the Australian system uses 1800 and 180 as a single prefix. 1800 numbers have 10 digits while 180 numbers are 7 digit free call numbers. When you subscribe for Australia ITFS numbers, you will get a virtual 1800 or 180 number of your choice. These 1800 numbers will work across mainland Australia as well as other island territories like Tasmania.

Why use Australia ITFS Numbers?

For starters, they provide you with all the sterling benefits that regular toll free numbers provide. Since they are free for the caller, your customers are encouraged to contact you with their requests and feedback. It helps companies build a trustworthy image and that really help rake in the sales. But what makes Australia ITFS numbers truly special is the fact that you do not need to have an office Down Under to get these numbers.

Maintaining offices and call centers for toll free numbers in an overseas market can be quite expensive. With Australia ITFS numbers, you can circumvent this costly investment and still reap all the benefits of having true Australian free call numbers. They can be accessed from any payphone, landline, or mobile network in Australia. If you have any business interests in Australia, it makes eminent and poignant business sense to get an Australia ITFS number.

How Does the System Work?

This is basically a completely online service. You do not need any additional hardware or infrastructure investment. Incoming calls to your Australia ITFS numbers can be forwarded to any mobile or landline number in your company offices. Incidentally, if you need an Australian toll free number to forward calls to more than one country, UIFN numbers are what you need.

Australia ITFS numbers can forward incoming calls from Australia to a single overseas country. With the system, you also get advanced customization features that come with a modern virtual PBX. You can select multiple numbers to receive incoming calls, create a schedule for incoming calls, and even record your customer calls.

The whole process may sound complicated, but that is not the case. In reality, the whole system is so easy to program, you can have your Australia ITFS numbers live and working within minutes after subscribing.

Australia Economy Outlook

Australia encompasses an entire geographical continent that is rich in mineral resources and natural wonders. Mining, manufacturing, banking, telecom, and tourism are some of the major economic activities in Australia. The country is very wealthy and has a high GDP and per capita income.

The country ranks very highly on global business and prosperity index. The country was one of the sole major economies not directly affected by the global recession. In the past decade, the Australian economy was adversely affected only due to the fact that the recession had severely affected all their major trading partners.

Such a rich and prosperous economy offers lucrative opportunities for enterprising business of all sectors and sizes. In a globalized economy with Internet and digital connectivity, even small companies can have a slice of the Australian market. Get your own Australia ITFS numbers to kick start your journey (or give it an added boost!).

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