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Australian Phone Numbers

Key Facts About Australia

Travel is one of the most important industries in all of Australia, and if your business is interested in expanding there, or creating a virtual presence to attract Australian clientele or customers, using Australian phone numbers is a great way to do so. Australian phone numbers give you the ability to have local access to the population, whether you are physically present there, or happen to be located elsewhere in the world.

If you are in Australia and trying to make a call, it’s important to know that landline numbers are found in four large zones that span several states and territories. These phone numbers are comprised of 8 digits which are a 4 digit exchange code plus a 4 digit number. In order to reach a landline telephone number in an outside area, the caller must first dial a Trunk Access Code first. This access code is the number 0 plus an area code and the local number. So, if the caller is making the call within the area it is 8 numbers, but outside of the area, it would be ten digits.

Mobile Australian phone numbers begin with a Trunk Access Code of 04 and then the traditional 8 digits follow. The first four digits are from the area code much like the landline numbers. The second set of four numbers are designated by the mobile network. In order to call emergency services such as the police, fire, or ambulance from a mobile or landline, the number to call is 000.

More About Australia

As the largest country in Oceania, Australia is comprised of one mainland and 8,222 other smaller islands, including Tasmania. In terms of area, Australia is slightly smaller than Brazil and slightly larger than India. Australia was colonized by the British in the late 18th century and therefore is a sovereign country ruled by Queen Elizabeth II of England. However, the queen is represented by a Governor-General that she appoints herself usually under the advice of the Prime Minister of Australia. Currently, the Prime Minister is Malcolm Turnbull and the Governor-General is Sir Peter Cosgrove.

In Australia, 26% of the inhabitants are immigrants from other countries, including England, New Zealand and China. Most of their populace of 25 million is concentrated in urbanized cities, and the highest number of people, over 5 million, live in the capital city of Sydney. Close behind Sydney is Melbourne, with a community of over 4 million. Although Australia has not claimed an official language for the country, English is spoken by 72% of the population.

Australia is a very wealthy nation with a highly educated and well cared for society. They rank extremely high in international quality of life rankings in surveys of life expectancy, happiness, prosperity, and education. Australia has a market economy and enjoys a high GDP and one of the lowest poverty rates in the world.

Travel To Australia

There are many beautiful sights to see all throughout Australia, from the bustling cities to the rugged countryside. A few iconic places to put on your “Must-See” list include the Sydney Opera House, a world-renowned performing-arts venue, the wetlands of Kakadu National Park, and the gorgeous natural aquatic area, the Great Barrier Reef.

If you are traveling or doing business in Australia, it is wise to use virtual phone numbers for your communication needs. You can have Australian phone numbers for personal use on your travels, or for business purposes. Global Call Forwarding offers virtual Australian phone numbers as a great option for anyone needing to gain a number to become part of the Australian market.

Purchasing a virtual phone number before going overseas allows you to keep your phone while having your phone calls and text messages forwarded to your while traveling. This will be very important if you are heading to Australia for an extended period and you want to keep your costs down while you maximize your ability to communicate with others. You won’t have to pay high roaming rates when you switch over to virtual Australian phone numbers. Another bonus is that when your friends and family call you, they will only pay regular local rates.

At Global Call Forwarding you can also choose your Australian phone numbers plan based on how many phone call minutes and text messages you would like to include in your subscription. For example, if you were using this service for a business, then you would choose a higher number of monthly minutes based on how many consumers you would need to get in touch with. A single person could choose a lower cost Australian phone numbers plan that has a set amount of minutes and SMS that would reasonably meet their needs. When planning a trip to Australia, it’s a great idea to keep these tips in mind. Get Australian phone numbers to keep your costs to a minimum, while enabling full ability to make and receive calls from the Australian population.

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