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International Phone Number Providers in South America

Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Perú… the continent of South America is a dream destination and one of the most exceptional for travel and exploration. Bounded by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans as well as the Caribbean Sea, South America is home to tropical islands, stunning waterfalls, and the longest mountain range on earth.

Whether or not your enterprise is located in one of South America’s select countries, you may still want to make vital company connections in any one of these regions. Luckily there are many options for international telecommunications services. Global Call Forwarding takes an in-depth look at each of the following providers and how they may benefit your brand. Our team has reviewed features and packaged pricing options so you can make a truly informed decision when choosing the best services for your needs.

First it is important to choose which types of virtual phone numbers that will suit your needs, such as an International Toll Free Service (ITFS), toll free numbers, or local Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers. Once you have an idea about how you want to structure your company’s communications processes, you can read up on the international phone number providers in South America below.

Virtual Numbers in South America: Global Call Forwarding

It may be challenging to find a partner that has full coverage over South America, however Global Call Forwarding offers a range of services available in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, and Ecuador. As you may remember reading previously, not all service providers cover every country, so be vigilant in your research. South America’s economy is made up of about 432 million people.

Global Call Forwarding Features

Global Call Forwarding is one of the best international phone number providers in South America, and a wide array of customizable services are offered. These include customized greetings and local ringback tones, call routing based on time, and black & white lists to help your employees better prioritize callers. Simultaneous ringing and sequential forwarding are best for international call centers and larger operations. You may view Global Call Forwarding’s worldwide rates here on their website. These options, along with the number of countries serviced make Global Call Forwarding an excellent option to work with for international numbers in South America.

Whether you want to manage dozens of international numbers, or you’re seeking a simple solution to streamline vital business functions, Global Call Forwarding’s team of professionals are some of the most reliable in the industry. With many years of experience in the field of telecommunications, they strive to provide a quality and cost-effective service for your company.

Packaged Carrier Provider: TollFreeForwarding.com

Tollfreeforwarding.com offers services in major countries in South America. Keep in mind, however, that some countries have more options than others. For instance, your organization in Brazil may use all the local numbers, toll free numbers, and mobile numbers you want with no exceptions. But in Paraguay, you do not have all of these choices available. You might only be limited to just one.

Though based in the United States, Toll Free Forwarding does have a strong international focus, especially in Colombia, Chile, and Venezuela. When phone numbers are used in combination with features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or time of day routing, you can build up a custom service all on your own. And if a member of your team ever has any issues, you can call their designated customer support line based on timezone. Some reviewers say Tollfreeforwarding.com is both responsive and friendly. You may have to keep an eye on the time of day, though, as the times available differ depending on the day of the week.

How Does Pricing Work?

Tollfreeforwarding.com bases its pricing on your enterprise, whether you are a small startup, a growing company, or a large organization. High volume clients enjoy more benefits, such as a dedicated account manager and support team. Your business pays for services by minute “bundles.” The tiered pricing system begins as a “pay as you go” and graduates up to 250 minutes, 701 minutes, 1,300 minutes, 2,592 minutes, and 5,000 minutes. As you continue to expand services in South America, you can change tiers accordingly.

Online Number Providers: VoxBone and DIDWW


Voxbone is an international phone number provider in South America, however, it does not cover all countries. Currently, they offer no service in Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Guyana, Ecuador, or Bolivia. Despite this, all of their packages include unlimited usage of local landline phone numbers, which is good news. Also, there are no unexpected per-minute fees for inbound calls. If you want add-ons with your plan, you can choose from outbound calling, emergency callings, SMS and text messaging, number porting, and more.

Voxbone pricing is described on their website as “flat as pancakes.” These flat monthly rates allow you to readily understand the price of inbound and outbound communications ahead of time. To view your estimated price, simply choose your country and how many landline numbers you need.


DIDWW is a telecommunications company with many options for virtual and digital numbers. This provider covers a total of 73 countries globally, including most South American countries with a few exceptions. Using their cloud technology, you can redirect calls made to your toll free phone numbers using their simple online dashboard. Other features include call conferencing, call recording, online voicemail service, and a voice menu so your business can stay up to date on the latest communications technologies.

Exact DIDWW coverage and pricing requires you to enter your company name and email into their database first. However, they do promise simple, global, and transparent pricing for all of their clients. A description of billing categories can be found here on their website.

Notes About Online Number Providers

Online number providers must have a large library of numbers and area codes to choose from, and all of them need to be activated quickly and easily. This will allow for a smooth transition for your employees, customers, and vendors in South America.

When it comes to pricing, online number providers can charge your organization per month, per minute, or per channel with some limitations. When shopping for your perfect fit, keep in mind that excellent customer service is key, and before you commit to anything you should have all the necessary details. If it is not clearly explained on their website, we advise you to get in touch with their customer service department for clarification. You want a reliable partnership with an international phone number provider in South America that you can trust.